View Full Version : Waiting for echocardiogram results a good sign?!

06-04-19, 15:55
Hi guys
I had an echo just over 2 weeks ago as been having palpitations. It took 10 mins and the person who did it said consultant will write to you, call us if you havenít heard in 2 weeks.
So I called yesterday and the secretary said the consultant has looked at my scan and there is a letter waiting to be typed up so just wait a bit longer basically as his secretary is on holiday Til Tuesday.

Is this less likely to be serious as Iím waiting for the results? Do they have to tell you quicker if thereís a problem?


14-04-19, 07:13
If it was anything very urgent there is absolutely no way they'd wait that long to tell you the results. Heart palpitations are also generally harmless, if that makes you feel any better. I've had loads of skipped beats and stuff myself and they've been caused primarily by anxiety and lack of sleep.

I had an echo last week and am also anxiously awaiting the results (should get them on Monday, fingers crossed). Waiting sucks when you're prone to anxiety, but in the end, what can you do? Might as well try to relax and enjoy yourself in the meantime. Worrying and panicking won't change anything or get the results in faster, it just will make you feel bad.

20-04-19, 14:45
You'd be kept in if they thought it was a problem. I nearly was because when they tested me I was 180bpm due to sever white collar syndrome. I left that place fearing for weeks about my results. Turned out to be fine. Still here 15 years later with no heart problems. Still have ectopics daily. Harmless mate.