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08-04-19, 20:00
So I had a baby a week ago , he has been in neonatal unit but now home. I had a very traumatic pregnancy and my anxiety has been really high .. always one worry after another. I took a sertaline tablet yesterday at 1pm for the first time and I napped but when I woke up my anxiety was sooo l I couldn't calm down and it spiralled I ended up calling 111 they said it's a panic attack when I saw doctor and to see my GP then I ended up googling and it come up with postnatal physcios so I went today and told her alll my fears and gave me certaline to take tonight at bed time. She said I don't have physcios but in so worried im going to wake up one morning and ill just he absolutely crazy. ... Has anyone any advice how to get through this?? My husband returns to work next week and im petirifed also I haven't slept well since a week Thursday when I was in hospital xx

08-04-19, 20:20
First of all, congratulations on the baby.

Second of all, a traumatic birth followed by having a new baby AND not sleeping is enough to make you feel absolutely horrendous. It will increase anxiety and cognitive issues tenfold. You absolutely don't have psychosis. Psychosis is so far removed from what you described it's not even worth comparing. The issue here is your googling.

The absolute number one priority here is sleep. You sleep when the baby sleeps, no matter what time of day or night that is. If you can't sleep, just lay down and relax as much as possible. Any rest you can get now is worthwhile.

08-04-19, 20:25

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08-04-19, 20:25
Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Thank you it's made me feel better to speak to someone who gets the anxiety. I just feel something in my brain is taking over.. im like it's that or a brain tumor.. but nlasy week it was a clot on my lung (before my son was born) it just seems I can't stop worrying about anything. Im scared to sleep alot because of my son or how I'll wake up feeling.

My husband totally doesn't get why i need to take antidepressants.. but I need a total break from everything. I am starting to over think how im behaving towards my two sons. I think in a week and a bit I've slept for 14 hours max I reckon xx

08-04-19, 22:03
So sorry youíre having such a rough time just after the birth.

Congratulations though, itís a wonderful but really bewildering time.

Can you talk to your midwife? Are they still visiting you at home? Or maybe a health visitor?

Itís not up to your partner to decide whether you need tablets, itís between you and your GP.

You will be fine. Try and rest, accept all help. It gets easier x