View Full Version : Clomipramine 10mg supply issues??

11-04-19, 11:04
Hi, my and any local pharmacist cannot fulfill my prescription of 2x10mg tablets a day and cannot give me a future date to do so. There are supply issues with the 10 mg dose with the manufacturer. Is anyone else having this problem??
I live in the Sussex area.

19-04-19, 20:40
Hi, I have been suffering from intrusive thoughts which might be related to either ocd or anxiety does this drug help that for you. I live in the USA switching over to 50 mg from amitriptyline 75 tonight, what are the side effects like
thanks for any support lynn

19-04-19, 22:19
Hiya Lynn, maybe it would be better for you to start a new thread for your question? you may get more replies if you do :)