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12-04-19, 22:12
Hi all,

Iíve been lurking here for quite a while, reading all your experiences on various anti psychotic medication (as that added on to an SSRI seems to be the only thing that eases my anxiety, OCD and subsequent depression.) Coming here has been really informative and also reassuring in knowing that others are in the same boat.

Anyway, over the Christmas period I switched my Fluvoxamine and Quetiapine combo (that was no longer working) to Sertraline 100mg and Olanzapine 2.5mg. The Sertraline didnít do a fat lot but after the addition of Olanzapine in February I felt like a switch had been flicked and I felt so much better.

I still had horrible OCD thoughts but overall, I was much calmer, more clear headed and was better able to manage the OCD thoughts and function day to day. However, this week, it has all come crashing down. My OCD is through the roof but also my general anxiety is dibilitating.. to the point I canít think straight or do my job effectively. Iíve only been on my Olanzapine since February.. can it really poop out so soon after working so well before? Itís only been 2 months! Iím loathe to increase the dose as when I was on 5mg before, I ballooned and was way too big for my small frame.

Can anyone relate? Iíve tried Quetiapine (worked great for 2 years then stopped), Abilify (worked great but had horrific akathesia and insomnia) and risperidone (worked great for 3 months then stopped. The second time, suffered terrible insomnia.)

Iíve had loads of therapy but meds are the only thing that have made any difference.

Do you think the meds have stopped working? Or could this just be a blip? Any thoughts appreciated. 😊😊 Thank you.

08-05-19, 21:41
Hiyer Holly....

So sorry you haven't had replies. I don't have experience of the meds you are talking about, but I just wanted to say Hi and bump your thread back up......

13-05-19, 18:45
Thanks for replying Carys, I appreciate it. It looks like there arenít many people who come into this particular sub forum.

Anyway, Iím case anyone is reading this, I ended up increasing to 5mg of Olanzapine but it made no difference. So what with the prospect of unacceptable weight gain, I reduced back to 2.5.

The last few weeks have been so hard and lately Iíve taking 0.25 mg of Lorezapam (teeny dose) whenever Iím at work (4 days a week) just to take the edge off and keep me functional. I have to make sure I can do my job as canít have anymore time off work due to getting a first formal warning for absence. So I feel stuck. I can go back to the psychiatrist but feel like Iíve run out of options now. Meds are the only thing that help me but they just stop working.

Anyway, if anyone is reading this, thank you. Just felt the need to get it out and if anyone can offer a glimmer of hope, bonus.

29-05-19, 00:36
Hi Holly did it take a while for the fluvoxamine to start moved up to 150 a week ago. What dose were you on

02-06-19, 20:34
Hi Holly also having a rough time I’ve been on 150 luvox for two weeks I also have zyprexa but afraid to take did it help at all

17-06-19, 16:22
Hi Will, I was on 100mg fluvoxamine and did move up to 150 in the past but it made no difference. To be honest SSRIs alone have never been enough for me. The first time I took Olanzapine at 5mg it really kept me stable. But I came off it as I put on a stone! This time round Iíve only had 2.5mg and not put on any weight (though havenít lost any either which I was doing before going on it.) It worked like magic for 2 months but then the anxiety and OCD crept back in and now Iím back to square 1.

Iíd give it a go if I were you, Iíve tried everything in the hope of managing this awful affliction. The best was from 2011-2013 when I was on Seroquel and my anxiety / OCD was really manageable and I felt like a different person. Unfortunately like everything else it pooped out.