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kt xxx
17-04-19, 11:06
Hi, does anyone know why D2 biopsies would be taken? Is this routine? I was told everything looks normal but so worried as to why they’ve taken them it’s going to be a long 10days waiting on results.

17-04-19, 12:03
Don't know what a D2 biopsy is but every time I have a colonoscopy they take biopsies. It is routine.

kt xxx
17-04-19, 14:34
Thank you, i wish they’d explained it a bit more to me I didn’t know it was routine it’s set the panicking off again🙄

24-10-19, 11:21
I had a colonoscopy 3 years ago and they took 8 biopsies, I ask the Dr when I received my results why and he said they looking for inflammation and infections that cant be seen with the naked eye - you will be fine :)

24-10-19, 22:26
It's very normal for them to take biopsies! My doctor said to me before along the lines of "Might as well take something while we're up there" lol x

25-10-19, 09:32
Have you been losing weight,they might be testing for coeliac disease,but you said that the results were normal so I wouldn’t be worried.

28-10-19, 02:45
When I had mine colonoscopy and endoscopy, they took biopsies to rule out celiac and microcolitis. This was because I had had IBS since I was a teenager, and the doctor wanted to rule out any other causes for my symptoms as long as they were doing the scopes anyway.