View Full Version : Bad night. At what point do you ask for help?

28-04-19, 23:21
I've had a stressful day and I kept not having a chance to pause and calm down (3 kids and the last day of Easter break). It's persisted all day with the exception of a few distracted hours this afternoon.

My thoughts and fears have become really irrational and I know they are absurd but I'm still scared. Flashbacks have of course come back. It's so disheartening that they inevitably come when my current stress has nothing to do with my past?? Then I sit with the current stressors and my past in my head all at once and feel broken. I don't have another word for it. Demented? Crazy? Like I can't handle one more thing idk. The only thing I can think of is flying down to A&E to speak to the crisis team, which I wouldn't cos it feels like a waste of resources, or call SPA, who seem to not do much. Idk what else to do?

29-04-19, 02:17
You're tired and stressed and need a break, Emma. It's not a weakness in you but a natural response to being overwhelmed mentally, emotionally and physically. The ghosts of the past cannot hurt you any more - what you feel is the pain you experienced back then. It could never all happen again. And although you've made some brave and difficult decisions re your future, you also have much to look forward to.

All this will pass, Emma. You need sleep and rest, not a crisis team.

Sending you strength and positivity ;)

29-04-19, 07:00
Sending huge hugs your way. Sorry you're having such an awful time, but you're not broken - you're one of the strongest people I've seen on here.

Feel free to drop me a message if you want to chat today.

29-04-19, 09:46
Emmer, I always find stress and tiredness exasperates symptoms and I get flashbacks when I am overtired.
It will help if you get a nap during the day.
KK is right, you need relaxation and sleep. x

29-04-19, 10:12
Oh my goodness- I do know how you feel Emma
which calming techniques work for you? I find being outside and with animals helps... anything that absorbs you and takes you out of your head. Keep with it, it will pass

29-04-19, 23:04
Thank you for your lovely responses. I think you're right Alex, I'm just overwhelmed and tired. I need a quiet few days of finding myself again (as much as possible with kids and work etc), Iris thank you that was really love of you. I'll message for sure tomorrow.

Carnation and JoJo, thank you, it's nice to find someone that understands although I wish none of us were like this. I have meditated this evening, I still feel awful, paranoid, hyperchondria, knot feeling in my stomach. No flash backs as such but just my mind wandering back to those times.

My therapist has got me in tomorrow at 9.30 and my mother in law is taking my littlest love at 9 so I should have some me time after my apt too. Just taking things in chunks of a few hours. I'm set to read myself to sleep tonight and apart from my apt in the morning that's all I'm letting myself focus on

30-04-19, 20:37
I hope your therapist could help you, Emma, and that you feel more settled in yourself? Being overwhelmed with fatigue allows in all the bad stuff. Maybe today you had some time to unwind and let off steam safely- I hope so x