View Full Version : Quetiapine taper

05-05-19, 05:39
Has anyone who has been on quetiapine at 300mg or above for over 6 months successfully tapered off it? How did you do it? When you got down to zero, you presumably got insomnia. How long did that continue for? Thanks.

07-05-19, 03:33
I expect not many people read this enquiry. Even so, quetiapine is a beastly medication to come off when you have been on a high dose for a few months.

My method was to reduce from 300 by 50 per week. I noticed little difference until getting to 100, a dosage where you feel sedated but without the anti anxiety/depression effect of the higher dosage. I'm now on 50 and will ask for permission from my psych to come off completely tomorrow.

The main problems for me with quetiapine was the side effects. Prolonged use can also cause diabetes. This is a medication you can best do without if possible.

20-05-19, 15:48
I was only taking 100mg just over a year but was gaining way too much weight so my psychiatrist pulled me off it. I did 4 weeks down to 50mg then off but went onto a TCA, Doxepin. Did have withdrawal but it didn't last long. Because I have sleepers, I can't really tell you if insomnia becomes a problem once discontinuing Quetiapine. Hope all goes smoothly for you x