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18-01-05, 22:06
I had sent some very positive posts on here last year. I was taking efexor and my blushing and subsequent panic attacks were under control. I had hypnotherpy which made me feel positive and less self aware and self focussed. I was suffering terribly with hangovers (no matter how much I'd drunk) with my medication so came off it at Xmas. My blushing is out of control again! I dont know what to do. I'm beginning to think its a part of me and i could handle it if only i didn't blush at the workst of times. I have to avoid eye contact with people to stop the blushing. This cannot go on in my job. I think i have to take my medication again. i have several packets left so might just start myself off slowly.

it is so depressing. The blushing etc gets me really down. I was told by my GP the other week when i went for something else and brought up the blushing (it has since become more of a problem) that I was atttractive and shouldn't worry. GOD!!!! This does not help. i know I am not ugly and am reasonably attratice but does this stop the self consciousness and blushing - i dont think so !!!

I also think that hypnotherapy is great but only while you're having it. I dealt with a number of issues and felt very positive about things but soon after I've messed up. I've come to the conclusion that only medication is going to stop my blushing and panics. i'm going through a tough training process at work and once that is over I may settle a bit.

Some questions:

Is it okay to go back on my effexor (rather avoid going back to doctor. Just tell them I've gone back on it. it was my choice coming off anyway)??

Will I go through that horrible process again despite only being off it for 3 weeks?

Do you think i am more suited to a different medication that wont make me ill if i have a drink?

thank you for being there!!

18-01-05, 22:22
Hi Kd

Personally I cannot see how meds have an effect on the blushing. I bet they made you feel better so more confident and then the blushing stopped. Does this sound right?

I wouldn't start back on meds without talking to the doc cos things change and he may not recommend it now.

Do people tell you you blush or do you just think you do?

Is it obvious?

Think about these things before deciding.

If you go back om meds then you may suffer any side effects again.

Can you tackle this without meds? Self-confidence courses etc


19-01-05, 10:49
Hi Kd,

I know what you mean about blushing, I have been like
this all my life horrible:(
I know Nic is right[^] it is all down to self confidence.
Medacation is not a cure it only masks over the problem
why you are blushing in the first place.
As you say you are going through a tough training process
at work at the moment and it will settle down, but I do think
you need to ask yourself a Q,[?]
Why do I blush?
What am I thiinking at that time.
I do feel that it is all down to confidence and when you can
feel more confident the blushing will go.
In the past my blushing was soooo bad it would make my face
tingle, then I would feel sick.[8)]
The strange thing is since having my first PA, thinking that my
life was never going to be normal again.
Finding this site learning how to make myself feel better from
the PA and anxiaty, some days I'm 100% better.
The blushing is not that mad no-more.[^]
I do think that like PA, blushing is the same it is all down to
the way we think.
I know its not easy changing the way we think but it can be
In time you too can learn how to make yourself feel better.



Its only a thought, and a thought can be changed.

19-01-05, 15:21
thank you for your responses. i suppose you're right - the medication only masks the problem. I'm happy with that if it stops the crazy blushing i get at nothing special. BUT i thought I had dealt with my confidence, i had hypnotherpy and taken up classes in the evening. I go bright bright crimson when someone walks in the office, so rediculous. I then go so red when i'm speaking to people - happened at work, dentist, someone at the door. it actually hurts cos i heat up so much. There is absolutely no doubt i have a blushing problem - i can tell from people's reactions, but luckily they dont tell me cos i'd faint!

I also have a problem being single and have this terrible idea in my head (going back to my brother picking on me) that people think I'm not into men!! if you know what i mean. its so difficult and stupid. This is raised in my work A LOT and every time the G word is mentioned i go so red - so people will think I'm not into men!! Cringe!! I think my confidence improves when i have a boyfriend but i pick the wrong ones and have my head done in all the time. I went so red in the supermarket the other day cos i saw a reasonably attractive man - funny!!

I've had my confidence knocked so many times by ex-boyfriends (one was a alcoholic, one saw someone behind my back and now married to her and the other (recent) treated me horribly and dumped me so suddenly and horribly) and I've had a bully fora boss in the past that made me feel crap. I've got a health problem which can cause inferiority and make you feel less female! (no babies type problem) so its terribly hard to regain the confidence. Hypnotherpy did it for me temporarily.

I liked being on meds cos they slowed down my stupid thinking. I do my head in so much with my overactive mind. It just doesn't stop. When I have a partner I love i think about them a lot - so it takes my mind off my irrational thoughts. Everyone around me seems so calm and collected and I'm a walking bag of nerves.

Effexor help with anxiety which in turn help with blushing so i think i might go down that route again.

thanks for listening and letting me unwind!

19-01-05, 21:09

Take a look at this site that is on my links page - not sure if it helps or not.


Sorry you have had a bad run of men if your life but they aren't all that bad lol. You will meet someone that makes you happy and supports you.


19-01-05, 22:51
thank you, thats a real help. I'm thinking that maybe i need to take atenolol instead of propanolol as that doesn't really work for me.

(when i type in facial blusing and atenalol) i seem to get lots of porn sites!! Wasn't expecting that at all. Cant quite see why they need to advertise betablockers!

19-01-05, 23:00
dont take atenolol if you have a history of asthma however.

Lol - are they good porn sites. Yeah seems weird.