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14-09-07, 16:21
I went to see the crisis team last week and they informed me that they have been in contact with my GP and CPN about the troubles I had with Citalopram. I then told them that the CPN was going to let me try Fluoxetine and they immediately stopped me and told me they are going to try me with Paroxetine instead of Fluoxetine as they felt it would work better with all my "illnesses".

I am guessing they did this because I have severe depression, general and social anxiety and recently been diagnosed with panic disorder. My moods are never great ether I can't remember the last time I was truly happy without masking the real feeling deep down.

The thing that is worrying me with these is after doing some research on Paroxetine I see that there is a ban on the drug in the UK which does not allow it to be prescribed to anyone under the age of 30 (since May 2006) and I am only 18 so that has worried me a bit.

Something else that has worried me a little is the fact that after a few weeks of use you can become hooked onto them and not be able to come off them or come of them with nasty withdrawal symptoms much worse then other anti-depressants.

What I want to know is; what do people think I should do. Should I start them or give them a pass? I guess I worry way too much on things like this but after all it is your head it "corrects".

I am going to pick up my prescription today, which, is a week later then the crisis team wanted me to pick it up but still, at least I am getting them now.

Thanks for reading my yet again moaning thread hope I didn't waste your time. All the best.

14-09-07, 16:32
Hi Scott

I have been on Paroxetine and as far as i am aware there is no contraindication for people under 30. not sure where you got that info from? SSRIs are not recommended for people under 18 but even then can be prescribed in specific circumstances. They would not be considering this without good reason. I was put onto it when i was 21 and was on it for 3 years and never had any probs with it.

My understanding of the addiction issues is that you dont get addicted but you can suffer from withdrawals when you stop the drug, hence why they taper it and monitor you. Its not the same as addiction, which means you have to take higher doses of the same drug over time in order to gain the same effect.

And also in terms of withdrawal, i had no probs coming off paroxetine but horrendous time stopping effexir so in my book, paroxetine is pretty good and defo not the worst of the bunch!

Best thing to speak to the crisis team and ask to spk to the hospital pharmacists if you are still worried. they will be aware of all the latest research and will be able to answer your questions.

Hope it works for you

G x

14-09-07, 18:39
hi scott i went on seroxat which is paroxatine 13 years ago it helped me get my confidence back i had no side effects .thet helped me alotgabby is right they dont give them to under 18.its just an older antidepresant.and wen cuming off them you aew carefuly monitored tc elaine xxkeep your chin up scott you will be fine

14-09-07, 19:03
Just picked them up, CPN says I am on 10mg to start with which is 1 at night with or after food and if they are effective they will be increased.

So it's just a case of making my mind up now before 10pm which is when I plan to take them.

Is taking them after having a packet of crisps (potato chips to american members :)) fine?

14-09-07, 19:07
Hi Scott. I'm old enough to be your mother at 40 but have been on seroxat for about 5 years this time, was first prescribed them for anxiety, depression and panic attacks at the age of 26. I've not heard of any probs with them being prescribed to under 30s. I take only 10mg per day now but I'm sure they help me to feel 'normal'. Give them a go, they may just do the trick, I really hope they work for you honey. take care, and if you do decide to take them, give them a few weeks to kick in then let us know how you're getting on. xxx

14-09-07, 22:14
Threw it in my mouth and took a drink of water... sod it, all done :). Now I am panicing about the side effects :(.

14-09-07, 22:26
Sure u will be fine Scotty:yesyes:

Kaz x x x

15-09-07, 09:45
I've been on them for just over a week. I was meant to take 20mg but after 3 days I was constantly asleep. I have since reduced to 10mg. I'm more awake and they are helping with my panic attacks. I even managed to do the weekly shop last night without any probs. They are worth ago.

15-09-07, 14:12
I had my first last night and I've been a bit weird since.

About an hour - 2 hours after I had it was in a mood where I wanted to hug everyone. I hugged my mom, my dad (which I haven't done in years) and the dogs. About an hour or 2 later after that I felt very suicidal - I went away from anything sharp when I felt like that and about an hour after that I got very angry over nothing but I really wanted to hit something or someone.

I got up this morning feel a tad bit dizzy and hot but besides that NO MIGRANES! So I am going to continue with these!

15-09-07, 19:09
Hi Scott

The first couple of weeks might feel a bit strange but it does settle down after that. Glad to hear you are giving them a go and they have at least got rid of the headaches!

G x

15-09-07, 19:26
What I ment was the Citalopram I was on gave me terrible migraines and these don't :).

20-09-07, 22:15
I'm now on 20mg starting tonight and I am going to give them a few weeks and see how I get on, if they don't seem to help my GP will increase them :).

20-09-07, 23:11
I was told to give meds 6 months at least !

21-09-07, 00:09
Well my GP and CPN has said to give them a couple of more weeks on 20mg and see how I go if it doesn't seem to help we can increase them.

6 months? Thats a long time to see if they help.

22-09-07, 09:50
Hey Scott.

Yup - SSRI's take a while to kick in properly. I was told 6 weeks, but 6 months probably isn't unrealistic, to see if they really make a difference.

Seroxat has had a lot of bad press, particularly with regard to adolescents. Your CPN etc will know all about that and would not prescribe them without considering what is best for you :) It has helped a lot of people too, so go easy on the Googling!

All the best,