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16-07-19, 16:36
Hi guys!! Hope everything is good over here!!

So I'm a scheduled for a 24hr holter test next week and my cardiologist explained a bit of what it is about. She clearly stated that I cannot shower during the whole test but I want to know from people who's had this test your experiences like do they only put electrodes on your chest right?? And can I at least use baby wipes to clean myself up from sweat, etc..?

(Sorry tmi)) I'll probably be on my period next week and well I want to at least be able to wash down there I mean... I was thinking of delaying the appointment for the test but If I did I would probably have to pay more which is not in my plans lol so I have to see and find out a way to work out both.

Does anyone know or has experience that could help??? Thanks in advance :)

04-08-19, 21:20
Although this was posted some time ago, I'll answer it for information purposes for anyone else wondering the same.

I've had a few holter monitors over the years. Ever since my episode of Atrial Fibrillation in 2017, my GP sticks a monitor on me at the mention of any (possible) cardiac symptoms.

Bathing with it on really depends on what type of device you're wearing.

Older devices: The first device I wore must have been around from when holter monitors were invented. It was the size of a mobile phone. I had to bathe with it dangled over the bath.

Newer device: The device my GP gave me was so cool. It was tiny it fitted around my neck on a little plastic chain, and I Was able to bathe with it on.

NOTE: I said bathe, not shower. Showering with these devices is NOT recommended.

And yes, they attach to your chest only AFAIK.

Good luck