View Full Version : Worried about bat bites in India :(

03-08-19, 13:21
I was scared of bats back home already, but now that Iím in Hyderabad, India, and Iíve seen the massive fruit bats, I am inwardly freaking out all the time. Iím so frustrated.

Basically, I went to a wedding reception last night and was wearing a long dress, and Iím worried a bat got stuck in it. .__. Stupid, I know. I went from the elevator right to the backseat of the car without seeing a bat, but on the way to the function hall, I felt a twinge on my foot. I looked down a minute or two later, moved my dress, and didnít see anything, so shrugged it off.

BUT, as I was getting out of the car, my husband helped me pick up my dress briefly, and the thought crossed my mind that there was a bat in my dress EXACTLY where he grabbed it, and it bit him and flew away without him knowing. WHY AM I SO DUMB. GOD.

Anyway, I looked at the ground where I had been standing, and no bat. It was raining, and I think bats canít fly properly in the rain, but I didnít see one flying around either. Compound this with the fact my husband did not see or feel one.

I patted my dress down to make sure there was no animal stuck in it, and still found nothing.

But I just... I canít seem to shake the thought that we both somehow missed it, and got bit.

At some point during the reception, my foot was itching really bad where the twinge was, so I assumed it mustíve been a mosquito. (There are mosquitos everywhere here.) But when I got home, there was no bite bump. :(

If anyone could offer any help, I would be grateful.

03-08-19, 13:38
Not sure I can help with this one as you need to work through it yourself and you know there was NO bat and you didn't get bitten.

You need to do some self-reassurance here and use logic.