View Full Version : 2 weeks on anafranil ( clomiparmine )

20-09-07, 08:02
i have reached 2 weeks on anafranil with no real side effects. i am going back to docs tomorrow to get dosage upped.I have been on 10mg at night and found they helped me sleep. The only thing is i still feel depressed not knowing what to do with myself . I feel the anafranil is working but when does it proper kick in ? feed up of not being interested in anything !
Chad :)

20-09-07, 09:51
hi they usualy take 2 weeks kick in you will start to feel better soon and get back to your normal self .it just takes time ive been on mine for 4 months now depression is lifting just got get rid of anxiety now you also can feel symtons heightining in the first 2 weeks then they settle down ,next week you will be posting how much better you feel you will get ther .take care elainexx

20-09-07, 12:11
cheers elaine
did you get my private message . Im not to hot on the forum.
tc Chad x