View Full Version : MS or Anxiety?

04-09-19, 04:05
I woke up feeling great today (thank god) and there weren’t many worries or anxious thoughts going on. I hung out with my friend, ate, had a nice walk, drank enough water.
However, I come home and instantly feel like something is off. I was lightheaded when standing up, everytime I took a deep breath more lightheadedness came and I just felt disoriented. I also payed more attention to muscle twitches I get sometimes. I felt nowhere near as good as the usual.
I wasn’t having many anxious thoughts in general but maybe it was my subconscious mind thinking about school starting tomorrow. But I also was having little panic about these symptoms signifying MS because of the way I was feeling in general.

04-09-19, 05:51
Which one is more likely?

04-09-19, 06:25
Good point. But the main things worrying me we’re my body symptoms. Like 1 minute my rib would hurt and then the next minute my right leg would feel weak. I may be overthinking.

04-09-19, 06:36
May be overthinking? :winks:

09-09-19, 21:44
Not even sure what of the things you mentioned even points to MS. Google any symptom, and I mean literally any symptom and you will get one terminal and/or disabling disease.

Feeling weak is not a symptom of any disease. Being weak, like not being able to lift a bag suddenly can be a symptom of some disease.