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11-09-19, 11:41
Won't bore with unnecessary details. 4 years on 1.0mg of K. Beginning of this year I started reducing real slow and finally off completely. No physical withdrawal symptoms, just worse sleep as expected. 3 days after quitting, started hearing things which didn't exist. I knew from previous benzo addiction (Xanax) what this was so went back on 0.25mg which stopped the auditory hallucinations.

Doc said now take 0.25mg every second night for "a few months". Like how long is a piece of string gig.

Has anyone else been in the same situation, and if so, how did you get off the final bit?

Thanks in advance for your assistance

13-09-19, 08:04
Shame about no reply but I'm not complaining. I knows that there is a few people here taking klonopin because they said so but I guess nobody has tried to come off it yet. I'm not ready to try again, those hallucinations was scary shit, but will do what the doc says when the time feels right. If he don't give me anymore I won't have a choice anyways.

13-09-19, 09:58
Sorry, missed your OP.

I think your best shot would be to switch to an equivalent dose of diazepam (Valium) - 0.25mg clonazepam = ~5mg diazepam. It has a much longer elimination half-life - up to 100 hours for diazepam plus another 100- 200 hr for its active metabolite compared to 20-60 hr for clonazepam which has no active metabolites.

Try reducing the diazepam dose by 0.5mg every 2-3 weeks. You might be able to go a little faster initially, but for the last 1-1.5mg stick with the 2-3 weeks as it is the last little bit which is the toughest and what's an extra few weeks after 4 years.

13-09-19, 10:31
Hi panic

That's great advice. I'm in no hurry to get off. I'll tell this all to the doc next time I see them

Thanks again


22-01-20, 05:55
This is just update in case other folk finds theirselfs in same situation one day

PDU absolutely corretto - clonazepam to valium is x20

Now they got clonazepam generic in 0.125 size in USA but if yous don't live in a big city maybe not available.

Switch to valium is easier coz yous get a new bigger pill to dry cut instead of a fraction of a 0.5 clonazepam