View Full Version : Health Anixety about my baby.

18-09-19, 08:57
For about 2.5 years ive had health anxiety about myself. This was mainly regarding bowel cancer. I had a colonoscopy in July and that was clear, so since then my anxiety about my own health has pretty much gone.

Now I've started worrying about my son. He has this little bump about a couple of CM from his ear on his head. He has had it pretty much since a few weeks old. But now I'm thinking its a lymph node and he must have cancer. This littrally started a few days ago. Now he seems to be yawning loads (must be tired because he has cancer) and has been very wingey (he is a very happy baby) and had constipation.

I literally cant stop worrying.

18-09-19, 09:03
Are you receiving help for your health anxiety at the moment, MrsEd?

18-09-19, 09:30
I just received the link yesterday to do online CBT, as they couldn't offer me face to face as I'd have to take my baby with me!

He is napping now so I'm going to have a look

18-09-19, 09:34
Good plan! Remember, it's something you have to work at but it will get easier.

18-09-19, 10:21
Thank you. It has just crept up on me! I have felt really good for about a month no thought about anyone having any illness. Then like a ton of bricks