View Full Version : Wildly different BP readings

18-09-19, 13:30
While at the docs yesterday for a minor thing, I got my BP checked which came back at 152 over 90. Based on this my doctor recommend to check it at home morning and evening.....2 readings each time.

Last night I got 126/80 but the second reading was 165/90.

Very similar results this morning again. How can the doctor realistically decided if my BP is actually high if I get 2 wildly different readings in the space of 5 mins?

I start to tense up when the pad gets tight and I'm thinking its affecting the readings. Even at home.

19-09-19, 10:09
You're probably right. Taking BP makes you tense up and it go high

It's the easiest thing to regulate with calcium channel blockers or ACE or beta blockers or even alpha blockers. You may get a bit dizzy when you stand up but I find that not unpleasant