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21-09-19, 05:12
:/ I find myself again worrying about the dreaded rabies, my husband and I are on vacation in Santa Barbara- our first night here we went out to dinner- to a very crowded, loud,indoor/outdoor , mexican sports bar- the hostess sat us in this really crammed section ( lots of tables And couches) and I sat on a puffy couch/ bench made out of like... elastic rope with cushions.... I couldnít see anything underneath the cushions and cause it was so dark and tight... I kept thinking to myself...what if a crazy bat is hanging off the botttom of this chair??

Anyway... I got home and noticed scratch marks all over one of my legs... and 2 small dots at the end of one that look like a bite... I inspected my shoes and noticed that the zipper enclosure on the back was all bent out like a needle and sticking straight out.... when I ďrecreated Sitting with my ankles crossed, it hit in the exact place and would make a long mark...and created a similar Mark with a little pressure, and I most certainly felt it...

The thing is I was already nervous about any itch or minimal movement that night since I was sitting under a dark/crammed table -that I was sure I would have felt my shoe doing it ( I had marks in 3
Separate places)- these marks werenít there before dinner- I know cause I would have seen them as I changed into shorts...how could I have missed it?

The whole next day they were itching and tingling ( Iím sure you know-classic symptom of rabies)...

Do you think a bat could have been under there and got me without me
Knowing? I know it sounds crazy... but you know how ďour typeĒ can think... I guess a rapid bat was found at their zoo just a few months prior :/

Thanks again so much!

21-09-19, 05:14
You have a reason for this, and a bat isn't it.

Take a breath and use your logic.

21-09-19, 21:49
Uh Iím trying-just seeing those two marks and knowing they had a rapid bat a few months ago keeps circling around in my head

21-09-19, 23:03
You cannot miss a bat biting you - it never happened to you and you need to address this irrational fear

21-09-19, 23:04
I guess a rapid bat was found at their zoo just a few months prior :/

Thanks again so much!

So you are guessing and have no proof of a rabid bat not a rapid bat

22-09-19, 04:42
Wow okay sorry for the spelling error... you donít need to try to make me feel any more stupid or anything... people come to this website wanting support and help- I get that it might seem lame to you... but we are all here with hangups.... just like some people worrying about als- when letís be realistic...as to the likelihood of that disease as well. Iím sure you have some sort of ďirrational fearĒ youíre dealing with....youíre part of this website to help right..? Iím not trying to be rude or challenge you... Iím just saying... most people in the world donít get it- a lot of us come here to be open about issues and not be judged, I understand your coming from seeing a lot of stories... and just want to tell people they arnt seeing clearly, which we arnt ó i guess Iím just asking for a little compassion in the mental struggle...

22-09-19, 12:59
Aside from the occasional brain eating amoeba and some other minor niggles, rabies is your fear du jour. Your very first post was about a ninja bat over a year and a half ago. In that time, what have you done to help you rationalize some of these fantastical fears? There has to come a time when you write out a post, read it for yourself and say... nahhhh.... I know this is nonsense and forego posting it. I mean really, what do you expect? Do you really need strangers on a forum to tell you that?

Positive thoughts

22-09-19, 14:40
Not trying to be cruel here, but seeking reassurance isn't healthy behaviour. If you're behaving in a ridiculous way, then a reminder is sometimes helpful - I know it is for me when I can't logic things out for myself.

23-09-19, 11:37
The statistics on getting bitten by a rabid bat in Santa Barbara are zilch.
If you were on holiday in Asia or Africa you may have concern,but chances are unlikely
I do hope you are enjoying your holiday.

24-09-19, 04:04
Yes I know... but I mean twice this week they have found two rapid bats in commercial areas in Orange County California... which is where I lived- super populated... so clearly itís not that far fetched

24-09-19, 05:53
Dreaming, I say this gently, but what do you want? Do you want these people to say, “Yes, your fear of rabies is completely rational. Run to the ER for shots”? Or do you want them to tell you that there’s no way in hell you have rabies?

Neither will make you feel better.

If you got the shots, it’d be a new illness in a few months. The second route may assure you for awhile, but it will wear off when you go out to another dark location. Unfortunately, this is how HA OCD works.

I live in the same county as you. You’re not gonna get bitten by a bat. The only way to start solving this problem is to start working on your HA.

18-10-19, 01:45
I really am trying to work on not worrying about this- but itís hard. I stopped worrying about this particular incident... but then Iím out and about and I hear on the radio a 5th rabid bat has been identified in our county a few days ago - this time- the next city 2 miles over- I live on the ocean- you wouldnít think we would have that now would you....... I know to the average person it means nothing....but for someone like me who worries it just brings back fear of my original post..

It doesnít help that my anxiety manifested physically- Iím actually not afraid to go out- and many times will walk into risks head on... but when my mind goes nuts like it has- I begin to exhibit ďsymptomsĒ fatigue- chill-muscle weakness.... how do I not let these symptoms fuel my thoughts?

Iím working on therapy and cbt.. but I canít help but sometimes think about it... any tips for
How not to stumble back into the slippery slope?

18-10-19, 01:55
Try writing them down on a piece of paper. Many times it helps to see how irrational they are. Writing also helps slow down the negative spiral.

Distract yourself. Go for a walk or workout.

Get in touch with your body. Yoga or mindfulness or meditation is great for this.

Many of us, like myself, find that we cannot work our therapy without the aid of medication slowing down our brains first. Maybe you should have this conversation with your doc.

18-10-19, 02:11
I do work out a lot, work a lot, do a lot of yoga and eat incredibly healthy.... I just have an extremely vivid/ creative imagination ( Iím a photographer and designer) I canít help it.... my biggest strength is my greatest weakness.

One of my problems is I do actually have a chronic condition that causes a lot of panic when it flares (costochondritis) itís an inflammation of the cartilidge in my rib cage- I will have flares and episodes that mimic a heart attack...I went through 20 drs/ multiple attacks to figure out this issue- horse fall at 16-
I know too much. That situation a few years ago led to adrenal fatigue, and a weight gain of 40 lbs, a lot of the times it triggers anxiety- how could it not- wake up at 3 am with your heart rate at 180 and a crushing feeling ... try telling yourself not to panic. Iím incredibly in touch with my body because of this.... to my dismay,

I donít believe in medication for myself because I do not have a chemical inbalance... I do think itís good for some people- but for myself I look at this as a ďstruggleĒ. Iím a Christian and know that this is a spiritual thing for me... I have faith, but Iím human- Iím explaining this so that others here who might be the same will know they are not alone.... Iím a human on a journey trying I figure out how to calm the mind...

Thank you for your tips... I think the writing down thing is a good thing, lucky for me my husband is logical- and Iím very open with all my friends- they all know my irrational thoughts and slap me around ( metaphor of course) when I go to them... they also are the ones who come to me when they have a physical problem.... the ridiculous thing... I always have super Positive thoughts and high hopes for them- telling them itís probably nothing serious ...now why canít I do that for myself?

25-10-19, 19:00
Iím working on therapy and cbt.. but I canít help but sometimes think about it... any tips for
How not to stumble back into the slippery slope?

Why do you fight it? Just stumble back. Accept that there is a very remote (but real) possibility that it could have been a rabid bat. And in that case you may get rabies and die. We all will die one day, if it's your turn then it's your turn. You have done all you could, sometimes there is just so much a human can do.

Sounds scary, eh? I know it is. But that's what helped me to snap out of the rabies obsession. When I made peace with this thought somehow the fear has lost its grip over me. And I got better (at least as far as rabies goes).