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17-10-19, 11:11
Iím so so worried about MS again! So my history is Iíve had 3 Ďepisodesí of these symptoms or a mix of them.

Heavy numb shoulder arm
Buzzing foot (only the first time)
Smelling smoke
Brain fog/headache
Finger joint pain
Burning skin sensation

One in 2012/13 one in 2016 and this time just the numb arm / shoulder and a tiny bit of burning skin.

Iíve been to the doc when I had everything really bad which was 2013, they did a consultation and an MRI ... so my symptoms slowly faded and I got on with life, then they came back a tiny bit in 2016 - numb arm and burning again - then I forgot about it again and now itís happened again. My doctors just continually say anxiety. But I wasnít anxious when it happened etc I just donít know If I should believe them ... my HA started due to being misdiagnosed and I just feel like they know I have anxiety so they say thatís what it is to get rid of me. Would anything of changed since 2013 scan? Should I push the doctor? I should also say the numbness is coming and going ... I donít know if thatís good or bad!

Iím just so so worried all the time and I canít relax or enjoy anything :(

17-10-19, 14:28
Anyone? :(

17-10-19, 16:32
A lot of people on here will know what you are going through....but you have described classic physical symptoms of anxiety.

17-10-19, 16:46
I just feel like they are all so weird, everyone says heart palpitation etc for physical anxiety :(
Iíve also had a tingling down there which I used to think could be herpes or my anxiety over herpes, never been tested for it because itís not a routine test unless you had lesions - had it now and then for years - itís intense but never had an outbreak but now when I google it MS comes up!??!

17-10-19, 18:30
Numbness and tingling etc are symptoms of MS. They are also a symptom of anxiety and other things.

No one here can tell you if it is MS or not however if your MRI came back clear after your first bout of symptoms then if the same symptoms reappear then the problem is likely the same as before.

If it was MS then your scan would have had shown legions. They would have given you a lumber puncture.

What is it about MS you are frightened of if you dont mind me asking? I have MS and When i got diagnosed i was terrified and very upset. When i got some information from reliable sources i felt a little better. Perhaps your fears are the same as mine were and i can help (hopefully).

This is NOT saying you have anything to worry about. I am just saying that if this is a recurrent fear then get facts from decent sources.

MS society in the uk is good.

17-10-19, 18:36
I grew up with a relative who had it and all my HA surrounds things you have for life. Also Iíve been misdiagnosed by doctors for years before and itís manifested in the anxiety - I feel like most things suggest (and I think the neuro suggested) it tends to start a bit more seriously, eg. you cannot feel your arm is there or optic neuritis and that kind of thing not some tingling and numbness and anxiety.
Also everything comes and goes throughout the day!

I just donít know anymore tho tbh and I feel like my life is on hold with no certainty !

17-10-19, 19:20
In the UK i think 1 in 75000 has ms. I assume the number is similar elsewhere. That is something like 0.001 percent. Now which is more likely, ms or anxiety causing your symptoms?

On top of this information you have previously had a clear mri scan.

Your doc thinks it is anxiety. I appreciate trust will be understandably shaken given your experiences.

Even if you have ms which is unlikely, most people with ms live normal lives. It can be terrible but i am talking about the majority here.

Now there are drugs out there that slow it down as well.

How many hours, days, weeks have you spent worrying about ms when you could have actually done something enjoyable? If it is ms worrying about it wont help you. However if i found this last nugget of advice easy i wouldnt be on this forum. 😃

I do advise you check out the ms society advice if you are worried. It did help me put a lot of fears to bed.

17-10-19, 19:25
Iíve probably spent a good 7 years worrying over it, my clear MRI was in 2013 when I was beside myself with the symptoms they were awful to me - I donít know or canít remember what triggered it all tbh, Iíve always had anxiety and health related mainly as I say I was misdiagnosed with something wrong with my kidneys that I was born with and they only allowed me to be scanned and listened that it was something when I was 11, so I had 11 years of agony.

Do you mind me asking how your symptoms began?

If I look at the MS trust etc I only have one of the listed symptoms I guess, the sensations stuff, none of the others and Iím not particularly fatigued or anything ... I am due to have CBT and am now on medication, I just hope the worry and panic subsides :(

17-10-19, 19:48
I had double vision. Went away after about 8 weeks and a dose of steriods back in 2004. I have had lots of depression and anxiety that i think originated as part of the shock of the diagnosis but that is normal i think. The problem with ms is that you never really know if it is your mind playing tricks with you, something else or genuinely ms. The double vision though was a real giveaway. That and the mri and lumber puncture.

I would concentrate on sorting your anxiety out. I think your symptoms will go away once you have that sorted.

Put it this way i wouldnt be in any rush to get another scan. With ms you generally have time to wait a bit. There are probably people out there with it and dont know.

One of the reasons i reply to ms threads is that there seems to be a lot of people with your fear of ms and i hope by offering you my experiences i can put a few peoples fear away.

I fail miserably mostly 😂 but if i help someone then i will be happy.

17-10-19, 19:53
Iíve had no eye issues and been to the opticians very recently, I also havenít had balance or dizziness kind of stuff. Iím just hoping that if I had it that the mri when the symptoms were at their absolute worst would of shown something on the MRI that was cause for concern, I had to pretty much beg to get the referral and then the neuro said with my symptoms he wouldnít normally scan but because I was crying he said he would for reassurance so Iím hoping thatís positive - I really want to just get on with life without anxiety! :(

17-10-19, 19:54
Just a note... The double vision was constant for 8 weeks. Not just when your eyes go funny when tired.

Your comment earlier when you said your symptoms come and go makes me think that it is anxiety for what it is worth.

17-10-19, 19:55
Thank you - youíve made me feel better if only for tonight x

17-10-19, 19:58
If you had your scan when your symtoms were at their worst then absolutely this would have shown on your scan. They would have seen legion on your brain.

Take my advice go and relax. Do something to take your mind off it. Exercise if you can.