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20-10-19, 18:54
So my health anxiety has become triggered again. A girl I used to know recently got diagnosed with MND, and it just sent my anxiety into a spiral. This previously considered super rare disease has totally freaked me out.

I used to post on here a lot with one sided sensory symptoms, I thought I had MS. Logic would say I should know this is anxiety, etc. But I guess I just need a bit of help...

The weird one sided symptoms came back in June and I didn't really worry about them much. But then my right arm and right leg started feeling weird again. They feel heavy and weak (not true clinical weakness when Dr tests) and the muscles feel really tired after use, when they didn't before. I also get a tight sort of tingling feeling on my leg and foot.

Even playing piano feels more difficult with my right arm, it gets tired and sore way more quickly and I keep dropping things too. There's definitely something up with it, I'm not saying it is MND - I'm also thinking RSI from piano... But then why in my leg as well?

I also have numb patches on my back. And tingling in the right side of my face, I'm tired all the time.

I guess I'm just looking to see if anyone has knowledge about MND/ALS - and could help me out as to whether my symptoms sound concerning? I know there's some people on here that have a wealth of knowledge and I would so appreciate your help. It'd stop me looking on Google and MND forums...

I hate that my health anxiety has returned. I just want to express that my symptoms are very real - I just want the fear of MND to be gone...

20-10-19, 19:35

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21-10-19, 13:08
Hi Alice wanted to reach out. I also have one sided symptoms for the most part but on my left side. I was doing well around my own MND fears but there is always that trigger point. I am personally waiting for a nerve and muscle study next month. I've done many tests and seen specialists. No one seems concerned except for me.
Stress can cause various symptoms and so can medication. All my problems started around the time I introduced antidepression/anxiety medication. If you are on medication or hyper focusing on symptoms you will notice many things.

21-10-19, 13:23
Thank you for replying! Yeah it's very true stress can cause so much. It's so hard not to worry though. I'm sure your tests will all come back 100% fine!