View Full Version : Anyone beat the ALS fear without an EMG?

27-10-19, 06:43
Was just reading old posts of mine from April.. I was convinced my neck was weak.. now I am like ?? That sounds so stupid. At this point I am pretty sure I don't have anything but anxiety..

However, I went to a neuro twice and she is asking me to get an EMG. I think she believes this will reassure me and she is being cautious. She was quite confused regarding why I thought I had ALS... and said.. I do not believe you have ALS at this time.

I am very tempted to just cancel the EMG and put this shit behind me.. https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/tf2/1/16/1f615.png:/ the EMG seems to have stirred up this crazy impending doom in me that I'm not sure I can really handle.. What do you dudes think? I will note I have brisk reflexes all over that seemed to only have recently developed as it was not noted on my first neurologist exam as well, my legs often feel tired and I get cramp like symptoms. These are my most concerning signs. I am just worried EMG will mess with me too much if it isn't clean.. or if they don't give me the results right away... idn what are your opinions.. do I just await weakness and if it never comes be happy?
I was able to beat this fear previously with no EMG... I will note.. did anyone else beat this fear absent of EMG??

27-10-19, 10:36
I have ALS fear which comes and goes. I’ve been to a neurologist but never had an EMG. I find the fear just does its thing, and waxes and wanes regardless of the tests....

27-10-19, 13:01

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