View Full Version : 22,Having alot of symptoms very worried

28-10-19, 02:48
Day 1 - very almost unnoticeable hand tremor in both hands, more in the left than right.
day 2- little bit of cough for few seconds and only occured twice throughout the day,hand tremors still continue, muscles feel heavy in some places, at night around neck start to develop tremor like,
Day 3- morning have all previous symptoms and upper back feels like have just been in a heavy workout,mid-day after getting out of bed body feels fatigued,wrist becomes stiff randomly and goes back to normal same with back, slight mild neck pain for few hours, night time toes are making crack sounds when stepping on them,night time-lying down on side ended up drooling a little not sure if was from natural or a disease(father and I have drooled sometimes while asleep or on side)
Day 4- woke up early with both legs feeling extremely heavy, 10-15 minutes went past and became abit lighter, afternoon after waking up legs feel alot lighter by around 75%,evening-some joints still stiff without little light pain around arms,early night- bit of fatigue come on, feels like back on neck and body sometimes shakes a little when I sit down,throat feels like closed sometimes,few hours later-throat gone back somewhat to normal, hands aching from little pain around knuckles(could be from holding phone and typing for long periods of time).

Day5- woke up randomly early in morning with body very fatigued and very heavy all over , took few minutes for body to just feel abit fatigued,feels like tremor in back of neck nonstop while lying down,wooe up few hours agai with body really heavy,woke up mid day throat was alot better still could feel some tightness then a while later its get abit more tighter,evening- feel abit of random fatigue come on,cramp/pain/stiff in bicep and around wrists when moving,neck not as stiff now but can still feel pressure there and left arm still hurts/stiff,throat still feels like lump is in it a little but a lot better now, left arm still feels cramp/little muscle pain.

(Feels like my health and body are deteriorating each day with a new symptom coming and going, also have anxiety and stress from this)