View Full Version : Update on Rabies concern, doctor refused my rabies shot!

17-11-19, 06:59
Hi All,

So I had previously posted about a rabies scare in 2018 from Seeing a bat flying around outside our home.

I decided to go to ER again today, to try to get a PEP shot, the doctor said absolutely not, since merely seeing a bat is not a case of exposure, said Its been a year since me seeing a bat, and simply seeing one a year ago is an absurd reason to get a shot.

Of course I immediately began the What-Ifs! What if I had been bitten, what if I was bitten by an undetected BAT, etc.
He was not listening to any of it.

So my question is, do I go get a second opinion, or do I follow this doctors instructions?

17-11-19, 07:01
Do what the doc says. You don’t have any reason to get the shots. You only get the shots in case of a bite and you were never bitten.

17-11-19, 07:02
And be glad you don’t go to a quack who agreed with you. The shots are not pleasant.

17-11-19, 07:36
Agreeing with AntsyVee here; it's great that the ER doctor was responsible enough to look after your welfare.

The only problem here is your anxiety.