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28-09-07, 22:30

Ive been taking Escitalopram for a week now - and have been having small panic attacks for the last 3 days.

Just wondered if this was normal, I took a diazepam today and felt much better.

I wondered how long will my high anxiety last and is there anything else I can take which is equivalant to diazepam.

You see, I have my baby 6 weeks ago and now I just want to feel normal and back to me old self and enjoy her!

Thanks for reading thid - Liz x

28-09-07, 22:45
Try the herbal Rescue Remedy - see if that helps.

30-09-07, 10:07
Hi, Congratulations Lizzie on the birth of your baby. Are you suffering from post natal depression? I had this with both of my children and I know its so hard. You are supposed to be over the moon that you have produced this little bundle of joy, but you feel soooooo anxious and tired all the time.
Diazepam is ok as a short term solution but is highly addictive, (Believe me I know) and its best not to get dependeant onit as you need to take higher and higher doses to get the same feelings. Lots of people say rescue remedy is good.
maybe you need to have a chat with your health visitor about how you feel. Mine was fantastic.

TC xxxxxxxxx:hugs:

01-10-07, 02:21
I agree with bearcrazy. I was given diazepam but I wasn't warned how addictive it is. I took it for 3 years and it took me 6 months before I was able to get off them completely. In fact, my panic attacks were worst while I was on it! It's fine in the short term or as one offs but NOT long term.

My wife's mother has been on them so long that the doctor has told her she'll never be able to come off them.

There are better alternatives but they all seem to have side-effects. My own opinion is that they only help to ease the symptoms of anxiety which is helpful in the short term but they don't tackle the actual cause but once the cause is identified and treated there's no need for medication.

I've tried Kalms in the past and they seem to help without any side-effects or addiction problems.

I was given a medication for giddiness once and I found my anxiety feelings lessened. When I looked at the leaflet they are actually used for anxiety as well. They were called stemetil but I really don't know much about them other than they helped and weren't addictive. You'd have to ask the doctor about them.

I also think different things help different people so sometimes it's a case of trial and error. There are many different relaxation techniques that are often a better alternative to medication.:shrug:

04-10-07, 22:17
Hey Lizzie.

Ok...first off...are you breastfeeding? If so, you need to be careful about what medication you take (I am sure you know this!)

Your hormones will be all over the place at the moment.....it's really no wonder you are feeling so anxious. I'd definitely have a word with the health visitor and explain how you are feeling. They are used to dealing with such things and can hopefully give you some advice.

I hope all is well with your lovely baby, and you are feeling better soon xxx

04-10-07, 22:29
Thanks for all the replies.

Ive recently changed from sertraline to escitralopram and Im getting some really bad anxiety and panic attacks.

My GP has given me some Oxazepam. I took one yesterday but it didnt get rid of my dizziness.

I have also tried Stemetil, - didnt get rid of dizziness.

Took a Diazepam today - didnt get rid of the dizziness.

What can I do?:shrug:

Im not breastfeeding and my health visitor is rubbish. I feel my GP isnt interested - I told him I just want to feel normal after having the baby. It was a real struggle to cope without meds during pregnancy. My GP said yes now we can try and help you but we dont want to give you too many pills?!?!?! I just want to have some normality again in my life and not feel dizzy continuously. I feel like someone is moving my head all the time and rocking me.

At least now I have a pram to hold on to for stability when Im walking!

Just wondered, when people say they have initial side effects when starting new meds - what sort of side effects do they actually get?

Take care - Lizzie xx

04-10-07, 22:34
Awww hun I'm sorry to hear all this.

Side effects? Vary greatly from person to person....but it's very common to have an increase in anxiety at the beginning...for a few weeks.

Could you see a different GP? Sorry to be blunt....but sod that! I can't see why it matters how many pills you're taking.....you want to be enjoying time with your baby!

I'd ask to see a different one.

Good luck xx