View Full Version : I have muscle stiffness and am terrified of ALS or Parkinsons

20-12-19, 14:15
First, let me say, I have anxiety. :)
I began on Lexapro three mos. hence.

Around this time, my left ring finger began to twitch. Then my right toe. Then my right calf. Now I am having muscle aches in my upper thigh and stiffness.

I went to a movement disorder specialist/neurologist who examined me for an hour and reassured me it's not ALS or Parkinsons.

But then why am I stiff? He didn't see the full stiffness; it hadn't been as bad until recently.

I tried searching the ALS forums but it seems stiffness is a symptom? I can't tell. Mainly my leg hurts, and I am getting random twitches.

I'm so scared. Even tho the dr. told me I don't have it. He didn't do an EMG.

Also, muscle weakness is an ALS sign - seems vague. What does that mean??

I'm terrified. I can still do all my normal tasks. It's mainly the twitching and muscle aches that alarm me.

Anyone been here? Thank you.

20-12-19, 14:35

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