View Full Version : Merry Christmas and happy New year from the Admins

24-12-19, 12:12
To All,

Christmas Eve and seems to be about the right time to wish you all a Merry (and as panic free as possible) Christmas and a happy New Year.

As you can appreciate there will be a reduced admin presence over the site in the next week as we celebrate christmas too. We will still be checking in on things but there may be a delay in answering messages personally or on the contact us or if you report a post etc.

Remember it is ok if it not the most wonderful time of the year

We would like to thank the team of chat mods who ensure the chat room is a safe and happy place to be for all of their hard work this year as it can definitely be challenging at times. :hugs:

We would also like to thank you as members for posting and for replying and also those who have reported posts, it is of course what makes the community and keeps No More Panic going..... we couldn't help people without you, so thank you.

Good wishes from, Nic (nomorepanic), Emmz (Venusbluejeans) and Elen


24-12-19, 13:17
Happy Christmas to you all. Thanks for all you do. X

24-12-19, 13:58
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all. Thanks for all your hard work.

https://yoursmiles.org/tsmile/christmas/t07017.gif (https://yoursmiles.org/t-christmas.php)https://yoursmiles.org/tsmile/christmas/t07012.gif (https://yoursmiles.org/t-christmas.php)https://yoursmiles.org/tsmile/christmas/t07016.gif (https://yoursmiles.org/t-christmas.php)https://yoursmiles.org/tsmile/christmas/t07017.gif (https://yoursmiles.org/t-christmas.php)https://yoursmiles.org/tsmile/christmas/t07046.gif (https://yoursmiles.org/t-christmas.php?page=2)https://yoursmiles.org/tsmile/christmas/t07028.gif (https://yoursmiles.org/t-christmas.php?page=2)https://yoursmiles.org/tsmile/christmas/t07042.gif (https://yoursmiles.org/t-christmas.php?page=2)https://yoursmiles.org/tsmile/christmas/t07041.gif (https://yoursmiles.org/t-christmas.php?page=2)

24-12-19, 16:15
Happy christmas to all :hugs:

24-12-19, 19:42
I hope you all enjoy your Christmases and thank you for all your hard work.

24-12-19, 21:15
Merry christmas everyone :)

25-12-19, 12:25
Happy Crimbo to Miss V, Dear Leader and Elen :shades:

25-12-19, 12:51
Merry Christmas - hoping the staff (and all of us) have a glorious holiday season.