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29-09-07, 23:37
Hey guys, just feeling a lil bit down and in need of friendliness as such.

I been feeling down since the doc diagnosed me with severe anxiety (i mean you know thats what it is but untill they say it it doesnt seem real) and now im afraid that im going to become depressed from it :weep:
I seem to wake up in the morning and feel ok and then i remember, and from that point on i freak out about weather or not im depressed because im feeling so down :S

*sigh* ah well .. needed to get that out and hope someone understands me!


30-09-07, 00:30
Dunno what to add other then i was diagnosed panic disorder/depression as well and each day seems to be a new adventure in the battle against feeling weird. LoL

I hope you find some peace and comfort in your road to recovery and know that it doesn't have to be a lifelong disability for everyone. You can overcome if your mind is ready to overcome it.

30-09-07, 00:47
Hi GemmaAnn,

Looks like you'resuffering from 'hamster in the wheel' syndrome.

Just because you suffer from anxiety doesn't mean you'll end up depressed as a forgone conclusion - unless you convince yourself that you will!!

Stop the wheel and let the hamster out to stretch his legs - you won't regret it!

http://glittertexten.animaatjes.nl/img/hugz2020firefly_www-animaatjes-nl.gifxxx xxx

30-09-07, 10:04
:hugs: hi gemma ann,

i agree with gg, because im guilty of this sort of thinking myself(arent most of us here!)and it really does cause your anxiety to get worse, but i know its easier tosay stop doing it than it is to ACTUALLY stop it!!! it gets to become a habit, and you just think negatively like this automatically after a while:wacko: so like gg says youve just gotta try your hardest to STOP the thoughts,this is the tricky bit i find, if youve not got a life where your mind is active for some part of the day, you arevery susceptable to thissort of thinking taking over!!!

best wishes emma:winks:

30-09-07, 16:16
Hi Gemma

Have a hug from me too hun :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Try and look at it on a positive note(although i know it can be hard) now you have got a diagnosis, you can now work on your recovery for anxiety/panic and hopefully get the right support and help you need from your GP.


30-09-07, 16:29
Hi Gemma,

I know that you are down at the moment, but you can only go up from there.You can do this. You have to try to see the positive side, there are ways to get better now that you know what it is you are dealing with.

You are not alone here, we all have our issues but together we can help each other on good days and bad. Just remember that we are here and that you can call upon us any time.

:hugs: :hugs: :flowers:
Take care

30-09-07, 16:51
hey guys, thankyou so much for all your kind messages :) they are really helping me. Im trying everyday to remember that i have to regain control of my thoughts or they will run away with me. All this self fulfilling prophecy stuff is crazy and im just having a tough time dealing with it. Im going to work on stopping these thoughts and thinking of something positive before I really do become depressed

*hugs* thanks guys xxx

30-09-07, 17:04
Hi GemmaAnn

I know exactly how you feel for the following reason

i have had anxiety for god knows how many years and although suffer badly from it i sort of come to terms with it. Then coz i am on sick benefit i had to have a medical and my anxiety became "moderately severe mental health illness" thats the title i was given and it knocked me for six. But when i posted here about it, someone pointed out thats it's no more than what i had before and it was still only anxiety.
so although easier said than done i would try to forget about the depression bit and try to get along as before.
i know it's frightening when someone tells you something but unless you let yourself sink into it it may never occurr.

Chin up, you'll be ok
:hugs: :hugs:

30-09-07, 18:58
Hi Gemma,

It is so hard to break these negative thought cycles isn't it? Big hugs coming your way.

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Try to look at the diagnosis as the first step to recovery and remember that everyone feels down sometimes so it doesn't mean you'll get depressed. Have a think about what you enjoy doing and try to distract yourself this way. Photography is my way of relaxing and letting go. Anxiety is never your life but instead is a part of your life which can and will be overcome.

Take care,

Mike :)

30-09-07, 22:17
Hi GemmaAnn,

I agree with the others, just because you have a diagnosis doesn't mean you are labeled and try not to dwell on it. Instead just live your life the best way you can and focus on feeling better. We all will help too.

Warm hugs,