View Full Version : Rabies, rabies fear never changes

28-12-19, 23:27
Hello pals. It is that time of year in England again. My anxiety peaks around late dec/early Jan. I have woken up this morning with dried blood from a wound on my face (in my sideburns specifically) I don't remener scratching anything myself, and there is no blood on my pillow so it must have happened soon to me waking up.

I am super panicky that a bat bit me in my sleep. My room also smells a tad musty (guano) so I have convinced myself a rabid bat chose my house to hibernate in my room (I live in an old house near a forest so not unreasonable, I told myself!) gone rabid and bit me.

I know these threads pop up so much but help from you folks has helped me loads in the past. Any help appreciated, thank you <3

29-12-19, 01:40
Once upon a time...... :whistles:

Positive thoughts

29-12-19, 15:37
Come on, you would know if a bat bit you and we don't have rabies in the UK so both are impossible things to happen.