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22-01-20, 10:29
The other day at work I felt a strong sting on the back left of my neck, like a mosquito bite but more painful. It was enough to kind of throw me off what I was doing for a second. I have had this maybe 1/2 times before in the last few weeks or months, donít remember when.

I googled when I got back and it says lhermitteís sign which is a symptom of MS. I then starting googling more and Iíve been feeling tingles everywhere, random twitches. I know that could be anxiety because I seemed to get more after I googled it.

But another thing is foot drop, someone once said jokingly I slap my feet down hard when walking and it never really occurred to me but now itís all adding up. Iím worried I have foot drop and I keep videoing me walking and seeing if my foot is actually moving when I walk and it is fine or if my legs are picking it up higher because it is weak. One thing leads to another and apparently if you have foot drop, your knees become hyperflexible to compensate... mine are very hyperflexible.

Sounds crazy but Iíve been bending my neck around all day to see if it triggers the shock sensation, been heel walking across the room to make sure I donít have foot drop.

Anyone else experienced any of these? Iím so worried right now and finding it hard to look forward to anything. I havenít had health anxiety in 2 and a half years and now itís all come back.

22-01-20, 11:54
I actually get lhermitte’s due to radiation treatments to my neck. It's very specific and at worst an occasional nuisance. It's also very obvious and happens nearly every time my head moves to a certain position. The self testing and videoing is an extreme reaction and not helping your anxiety in the least. You've had what?... 2-3 niggles in your neck in the last couple of months, googled and here you are :shrug:

Positive thoughts

24-01-20, 11:23
I only posted a couple of days ago but Iím so worried about MS right now. I all started with a random sharp pain in my neck and since I found out that could be a symptom, Iíve been noticing more twitches etc. Yesterday I managed to calm down and was just on my phone doing something unrelated to any illness. Suddenly my leg vibrated in my thigh. That night, when lying down to sleep one leg felt kind of numb. The whole of today my right foot feels tingly and a bit numb. It is like after you have slept on a limb and are trying to wake it up again and slowly feel it coming back. It is like I am stuck just a little bit before full sensation. I have had several of those vibrating feelings over my body. When moving my feet up and down the right one feels weaker.

I am literally convinced I have MS at this point. I am living abroad so I donít want to see a doctor. I hadnít had worries for so long before this and now Iím back to that constant dread feeling I always had.

The only thing that could help right now is has anyone else experienced these symptoms? I find it hard to believe it could be anxiety because it has happened even when I wasnít thinking about MS. And why would it be affecting one side only? (the numbness is one side, random timgles and jerks and vibrations all over)

24-01-20, 19:51
Sounds like you have trapped a nerve to me.am I right dr google came up with ms? I cant critisise as I am the same.

Yes this is a symptom of ms. But ms is uncommon and trapped nerves are common.

Ms used to be a fear of mine. Ironically I actually have ms and there was a difference between the HA symptoms and MS. Hard to explain.

No one hear will convince you you are healthy, nor could they diagnose you.

I've said this to others but although MS can be horrible but most people live perfectly happy and normal lives.

24-01-20, 20:53

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