View Full Version : Bulbar Worries

22-01-20, 15:30
Been visiting this site a lot more the past few weeks as my HA is at a near all time high...

Last night while eating dinner just out of the blue my tongue started to feel off. It was like I was hyper aware of what it was doing. First, I know that screams anxiety, however it just seemed like maybe I was noticing it because it wasn't moving food properly like normal. I didn't choke and had no trouble finishing my meal, but I'd never had a tongue focus like that.

So, my mind immediately thinks of bulbar onset. I immediately start focusing on my speech next. Wife couldn't believe I had a new worry but said I sounded normal. To me, I sound a bit off. Especially my S sounds almost seem to sound slightly drawn out like a snake. I checked my tongue. it seems perfectly still. I can quickly move it side to side, touch the roof of my mouth, but am still obsessing over it. Especially cant shake the feeling my speech is off even though my wife says no.

I want to run to a doctor, but I'm now up to 7 clinic trips in the past two months over all my other worries. I have read the sticky several times, but I guess I wanted more on bulbar to ease my mind...

22-01-20, 15:33
No, you want less on it. The less you look up for it, the less you'll think about it and the easier it will be to forget about it.