View Full Version : Terrified and distressed that i going to lose Tigger

28-02-20, 12:02
i know one day she will die but earlier in the week i was fearing for her and wasw making myself ill thinking she was going to die :weep:

she stopped eating stopped drinking and just lay there not even trying to do anything on the monday night, she saw the vet on the tuesday when she'd picked up a bit

vet said she got mild gingervitis and we all know she's a wuss when it comes to anything hurting

but i was freaking out cause i cannot lose her as well as Ebony please dont let her die :weep:

please i'll agree to anything if Tigger not die :weep:

28-02-20, 12:41
I'm sorry your furbaby isn't well. Its so stressful isn't it? I hope she picks up XXX

28-02-20, 21:20
Dental problems can really be a pain but Tigger will be fine with treatment..and she certainly won't die from mild gingivitis.
It's horrible when they are under the weather though. I do hope she's soon more like her old self and that you can relax again..She's obviously so precious to you and rightly so xx

28-02-20, 21:26
she only nibbling food today i think she feeling sick she just not wanting to eat dinner just nibbled it and walked off even wet food she not trying to eat much of and wet food last time she had a bit of gingervitis going on she still gulped wet food down :(

29-02-20, 07:38
Poor Tigger, I hope she’s feeling a bit better today.

29-02-20, 10:48
she's trying to eat wet food but is still not trying dry food :(

29-02-20, 11:40
That’s ok, she’ll do what’s best for her until she feels better.

29-02-20, 17:27
Try giving her some wet kitten food. It’s the most rich and will help make up calories.

01-03-20, 08:25
Has the vet suggested a simple scale and polish dental procedure?

01-03-20, 09:44
The vet said if it's a recurring thing there could be a underlying cause for it, which basically means FIV or FELV whichever one it is i forget what he said now :scared15:

next step would be a blood test cause she's had the gingervitis thing before

Tigger's eating a bit of breakfast but Willow's not touched breakfast this morning so what if she's now sick :scared15:

01-03-20, 09:53
Hi whisper :hugs:
Try a bit of cooked chicken or cod roe if she struggling to eat. The fact that she's nibbling is a good sign.
Sending you hugs whisper xx

01-03-20, 12:49
i scaring myself :scared15:



01-03-20, 23:23
what if Tigger has both of them :scared15:

01-03-20, 23:42
from the FIV link:

What Can Happen if FIV Goes Untreated?
Without proper treatment, the secondary infections that can occur as a consequence of FIV can progress to life-threatening conditions. Additionally, cats with FIV can develop various forms of cancer (https://pets.webmd.com/cats/guide/cancer-in-cats-types-symptoms-prevention-and-treatment), blood diseases or kidney failure (https://pets.webmd.com/cats/kidney-failure-uremia-symptoms-cats), which will ultimately claim the cat’s life.

so basically if Tigger got FIV and passed it to Ebony that could of been what took my sweetpea Ebony :weep: