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08-10-07, 16:11
Has any body else taken sertraline if so can you tell me any side affects you had i have a buzzing in my ears when i turn my head. Convinced I have problem with my brain, this is not helping the anxiety.:wacko:

10-10-07, 17:37
I had awful headaches and fuzziness when i was first on them, but i decided to stick at them to see if they start making me feel better, after a month or so on them the headaches and fuzziness have gone. Anxiety is still there though :lac:

10-10-07, 18:43
oh my god!!! ive been on sertaline for about 2 months now and i keep getting a kind of whoooosh through my ears and i feel off balance and kinda dizzy, like im walking on sponge.

Im also getting pressure in my sinuses too.

do you get this too?

luv tracie