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10-10-07, 23:34
Hi, so is there abody who's had severe SA and gone back into fulltime work?? Need some advice on this, what its like etc etc.


11-10-07, 13:36
I went back to part time work, found that a struggle, eventually got fired after i had a panic attack. Now feel stuck: http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=23620

It depends on how you feel with working around people, i worked in a small office with 2/3 people and still found myself worrying, especially when my male boss was around. But like i say that was part time. I dont think i would cope with a full time job yet.

11-10-07, 14:49
I went back part-time (I was part-time prior to my breakdown) a year ago after 2-3 months off.

Ease yourself in... do not do a full week for the first week.

Is it the same job and people whom you worked with before?
If so speak to your boss before you return and agree a plan of work for you. Be totally honest with your boss (involve HR if you want to) on how you feel at returning to work - the good bits and the bad. They can not help if they are not aware.

If you need time off for appointments then inform them about this prior to starting work.

Also have what you want to tell people about your absence of leave prepared in your head.

Some colleagues will ask you straight out, some will be vague and some will avoid you! But there are many of those people who have experienced similiar to you and you are not unique after all !

I was open about what happened to me and was stunned by how many people came up to me to tell me their experiences and some even sent me emails cos' they didn't want to speak in person about their experiences as they like to keep it quiet but wanted me to know that they understood. That helped me to not feel like the office freak.

Do not expect to back in full mode 100%. It is a gradual build up with confidence etc.... But keep being honest to yourself on how you are doing and you'll slowly get there.

And obviously good luck. And smile when you get there!

11-11-07, 12:05
Sorry to hijack the thread, but my step back into work is into the Special Police. I feel this is way too much, too early, but my job broker has faith in me. Its this Sunday, a tough selection interview. I am scared to death.

11-11-07, 19:46
hi stu,

Ive been out of work for 5 years and i went to the jobcentre for some help and they put me on a work preperation course. Its a 13 week course to help u get back into the swing of things, i found it really hard at first and its slowly getting better. But im still feeling anxious about getting a job, but on the plus i feel hell of a lot better than i was.

If your stuck on what to do u should give it a try.

11-11-07, 20:04
I started a work a couple of weeks ago. I only work 5 hours a day. But I'm enjoying it and it takes my mind off the PA. Take it slowly. And just ask if you need assistance.

17-11-07, 18:21
Hi Stu, I had this about 5 years ago so bad where i couldnt even walk through a shop without having a huge panic attack. I couldn't even drive my car because i would be so scared to stop at a stop light and have another car pull up beside me...

However i started lifting weights and running and before i knew it i was able to go into a store all by myself and not freak out althouth this did take some time it is possible! Now i'm working in a VERY busy job place which is loaded with stress and anxiety and now i'm going through a bit of what i had over come those 5 years ago but i'm not worried because i beat this once and i know i can beat it again..

Be strong Stu this can be beat! It just is damn hard...

19-11-07, 11:52
I gave up my job 6 months ago because of my social anxiety and PA's. I walked out of the office a couple of times because I had a PA and I swear they all thought I was just being a slacker and a skiver. One day I just couldn't face going in so I emailed my boss and told her I wouldn't be coming back after 10 years. My family think I left because I was unhappy with the work and i'm sure they think i'm lazy but I couldn't tell them it was because of anxiety and PA's. I must admit I'm bored at home and feel very isolated. I've applied for a few jobs and been invited for interviews but I've chickened out at the last minute afraid of having a PA during the actual interview. Also the thought of meeting all those new people and learning something new is very daunting for me and I don't feel ready to do it yet.