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14-10-07, 17:19
Hey everyone Gryphoenix and I were wondering if anyone had anything artistic, be it writing drawing painting,animation, music....ANYTHING arty thatyou want to share , feel free to use this thread :)

14-10-07, 17:22
A kitty to start off this thread!


14-10-07, 17:27
http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/greece/CNV00013.jpg (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/greece/CNV00013.jpg%5B/IMG%5D)

14-10-07, 19:56
Awww Jitter,
that is the double of my cat.

love Mags xxxxx

14-10-07, 19:58
his name is Othello, I made palls with him when I went to Greece =)

14-10-07, 20:12
Good idea Jitt and Gryphoenix. :yesyes:

Here is a photo I'm quite proud of:


I have others here:

www.pbase.com/mike_batty (http://www.pbase.com/mike_batty)

Take care,

Mike :)

14-10-07, 20:27
Good idea !

Im not too good at arty things, but quite good at making paper hats..lol

Here is my dog Molly as a pirate, take note of the hat i made her:)



14-10-07, 20:32
I have a few paintings and the like but they are perhaps too dark for this light heated thread.:blush:

So here's my cat instead...



15-10-07, 08:20
Pmsl laughing at Mollys beads Andrea never mind the hat hun :lac: lol. xxxx

15-10-07, 09:51
I have a few paintings and the like but they are perhaps too dark for this light heated thread.:blush:


its art, you can post whatever well as long as its not porn or something o.O :)

15-10-07, 10:04
Ok, this was a photoshop pic I did when I was first diagnosed with depression. It kinda represents everything I was feeling at the time. There's lots hidden away in there if you look very carefully. I had to reduce the size a lot to upload it so it's not quite as detailed as it should be.


Here's one of my recent paintings, I'll let you decide what it represents.



15-10-07, 12:01
wow jimbo thats excellent - see i would love to be able to do all of this and i try to no end but i cannot create anything at all

15-10-07, 13:37
Great photo HoneyB, you are talented! lol:)

Sheffield Park, Sussex



15-10-07, 13:52
A nice glass of wine anybody?
St Emilion, France


15-10-07, 17:39
Aaw, lovely pics Dave!:yesyes:

But I'm afraid Andrea just squeezes into first place mate lol !!

Well, I'm very much a beginner here!! lol!!

This is my attempt at some 'arty-farty' stuff using the macro setting on my little point and shoot camera, and a wonderful little free photo-editing program I downloaded off the Internet!! :yesyes: http://www.photoscape.com (http://www.photoscape.com/)

Yes.......I know those flip-flops are pink:ohmy:! But that's the only colour they had in this little beach shop so I had to just bite the bullet and wear the ruddy things - and hope I wasn't seen by anybody that knew me lol !!:shades::blush:

348 345


Will dig out some of my beloved Dartmoor later !!

Mike, thanks for keeping me supplied with Desktop Wallpaper !!:blush:

PS: Brilliant thread Jitter Gryphoenix! :yesyes:

PPS: Wouldn't mind being sat under that brolly drinking a rather large glass of red !!:shades:

PPS: Jim you are so so talented!:yesyes:



15-10-07, 18:00
Andi - I look abit like Molly if I don't wax hun!!!

Guys I really am enjoying this thread - what a wealth of creative talent we have!! Course that's to be expected cos our very temprements demand it lol!!!

Piglet :flowers:

15-10-07, 18:11

Yes i agree some great talent:yesyes: :yesyes: :yesyes: , including myself.lol

Keep it coming folks, im enjoying this thread too:)

Ps. LOL Piglet


15-10-07, 18:41
Wow GG, you inspire me:shades:
Here's some Fractals




15-10-07, 19:00
I don't think my cave photo uploaded properly so here it is again. :blush:


15-10-07, 19:32
will somebody tickle my tummy please? ..... meow


15-10-07, 20:50
Love seeing these!!
Personally I can't draw a stick person and my pics all come out fuzzy or with part of something chopped off - haha

Love music but artsy I'm not :blush:

Keep em comin you all :yesyes:

15-10-07, 20:50
even with downsizing I can't upload my fave
The second fave...here353

all my photos are too big to be posted without dramatically reducing quality.


15-10-07, 20:56
I have downsized my fave quite a bit, don't think it will look as dramatic or dark as it was oriiginally.


15-10-07, 22:15
Wow, all this talent!

They're awesome happyone !!

Luv the cave Mike, even better second time around!......Dave, never had you down as an intrepid tiger handler lol !!

Here are a few I took in Plymouth....Dartmoor ones to follow as the files are huuuuuge !!!

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/cool%20pics/seagull.jpg seagull

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/cool%20pics/SunlightOnTheSound-1.jpg Sunlight on Plymouth Sound

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/cool%20pics/silver_lining.jpg Silver Lining



15-10-07, 22:15
sent to us from PinkPenny....

these are a few piccies i took whilst in wiltshire camping a few years ago.

2.Silbury Hill




15-10-07, 22:24
Aw, Pen.....lovely!!

Just love the sunset and silhouette....my kind of photo.:flowers:

You is goooood, girl!!:yesyes:

And, cos you're me mate, I can even cope with Dave writing yer name in pink lol !!:hugs:



15-10-07, 23:19
thankyou gg. i do like to have a mess around to c what i can capture.

i love your pic's. what i'd give to be the bird.

and thanks dave for posting them for me.

love pen xx

16-10-07, 01:03
I love taking photographs, and especially featuring people. It's my daily passion.


'rise' Festival in south London, 2005


Smoking in Cafe Nero, 2005


Local Pond Life, 2007


16-10-07, 03:40
Oh wow, this thread is doing great! I'm so glad that there's so many people into creative stuff around here. Such lovely pictures and paintings everyone!

GG--love the sandals one! :D Lovely scenery pictures. I want to visit.

Jimbo--really love that photomanip, it's got this really interesting mysterious feel to it.

Dave--those fall pics make me wish for fall here in VA, it's warm and we're just starting to feel the bite of fall. So pretty! And such a cute widdle Tiger...watch out for those teeth lol.

Nibbles: That's a great cave picture! I've always wanted to go in a cave...never have yet. :D

happyone: That's a really cool piece! I love the colors.

Honeybee, Jimbo, and Jitter--AW! I squeal at the animals.

Clickaway--wow, your pictures tell so much of a story. I really like pics like these.

Don't know if anyone will get the reference to mine, it's kind of an obscure comic book geek thing (yes I am one, a girl but one nonetheless). It's Batman as a Green Lantern vs. Batman as a member of the Sinestro Corps (the bad guys that go against the Green Lanterns).

The Green Lanterns get their special rings because they are those who "overcome great fear." With what I go through every day, I should be getting one of those rings pretty soon...XDDDD

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v490/Roawyn/batglsinestroWALL.jpgThis is wallpaper-sized, btw, if anyone else around here likes the comics and all.

16-10-07, 07:19
The stuff in here is beautiful. What a great thread!:yesyes:

I have to point out, I didn't paint my sunset, I took a photo and played with it. I wish I had the original as I really liked it bit I must have saved changes to it.

GG they are all lovely, but I love the silver lining. I have always loved the sun streaming through the clouds like that.

Click...Pond life is cool. I love that having somthing so small in focus and the background blurred...I have never mastered it!

Penny...I live the wheat fields. It is the sort of thing I try to imagine on a wind down.!

Gryro...It is an incredible piece. I find it amazing how many 'styles' there are out there and somthing to suit us all.


16-10-07, 07:32

the original


16-10-07, 12:28
Great photos Clickaway




16-10-07, 17:27
Oh happyone......what a beauty!
And I just love your 'pond life' Ray
.....Do you design professionally Gryphoenix? Cuz if you don't you ought to!
I see Dave has toned his moggy pics down a bit! That cat's eye is awesome.

Here are the Dartmoor views of one of my fav places.....Shaugh River.

And another little bit of messing about I did with my free photo program. Sadly the orchid is no more.....GG killed it !!! :weep::mad::blush:

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/cool%20pics/river_7e.jpg http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/cool%20pics/river_6e.jpghttp://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/cool%20pics/river_4e.jpg http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/cool%20pics/river_2e.jpg


16-10-07, 18:15
I just feel that for some of us at least, all this artistic expression is only possible because of how we feel inside. All this surpressed energy has to come out somehow, and that's why there is so much talent on these pages.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could all get together and display our stuff under one roof one day. I know there is a art in mental health group that has an annual exhibition in Leicester which is mostly taken up by local people but is open to all.


16-10-07, 18:39

would that include me in my paper hat making..lol

Joking apart, i do agree with you theres some real talent here, i know in my local town they have a mental health day once a year which includes a art exhibition:) . sounds a excellent idea.


16-10-07, 18:44
Oh Ray what a fantastic idea hun - I would come with some paintings. I don't have a digital camera so I can't even show you any at the mo!

Honestly guys these are really top class - it would be lovely if some of these images could be worked into the NMP pamphlet wouldn't it.

Piglet :flowers:

16-10-07, 21:08
Hello Ray, would it be possible to have a fortnightly/monthly display on NMP?

hand art



16-10-07, 22:05
HOW FLIPPIN COOL IS THAT??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just love this thread :)

All you talented people just blow me away!!!

17-10-07, 00:01
I like both those ideas Ray and Dave.

Unfortunately I don't think there is anything local to me like you described Ray, but I suppose I could check with Plymouth City Library and Museum - they have regular displays of local art there.

Yep, 'NMP Picture/Poem/Song/Music of the Month or Week' sounds good to me!

Think it might give some of us a focal point to aim for - distraction at it's best. My little 'point-and-shoot' is going to be very busy I think!

And it's so much fun !!!



17-10-07, 07:18
A monthly 'gallery' on here would be fab! Sharing photos, poems, artwork etc. It would be something to look forward to and something to aim to be creative for!

17-10-07, 09:47
I totally agree Happyone :yesyes:

Love Piglet :flowers:

17-10-07, 11:49
wow guys im glad you like the thread keep up the creativity !!! ill put up some more art when i have fixed my computer. take care all xxx

17-10-07, 12:22
Yep, big 'thank yoos' once again Jitter and Gry for thinking of it in the first place !! :yesyes:

Pants day here.....working lunch (again!):mad:....need a little distraction so......came here! :winks::madness:

Been playing again:shades:....and the result is....

.......GG's Pink Piggies!!......... on a beach in Zante this time last year!

(yeah, I know ...I wanted blue ones but I got to work out how to change the colour first lol !!) any idears ??:shrug:

Hmm....might just use this for me IT class this afternoon!!:shades:




17-10-07, 12:48
Such dainty little pinkies GG:winks:
Could you borrow a camera Piglet and treat us to a creative extravaganza, something with Pringles maybe?



17-10-07, 14:56
I live the falling girl Dave - cleverly done.


18-10-07, 01:08
Hi all...

Nice thread.:) Some great stuff up there already...

Here's one I made earlier with 'Bryce 4'...


And another with Caligari Truespace...


And a drawing...


Hope you like 'em :yesyes:

Take care

18-10-07, 02:54
GG--I hope to do it professionally one day! :D Love the pink toesies!

Thanks happyone!

Dave: Love the hand animals thing!

Allan: The drawing is really cool, incredible detail. The second one reminds me of the program Terragen...that and 2001 Space Oddessy lol.

Here's another Batman piece, a drawing this time.


18-10-07, 12:14
Wow, awesome Allan! :shades::yesyes:

Well......drum roll........product of yet another working lunch time......

GG's blue piggies !! Yey !!!



18-10-07, 13:07
Thanks for your praise Gryphoenix.:)

Yes, the second one was influenced by 2001. I've got a copy of Terragen but never used it.
I don't do so many of these detailed drawings at the moment (need an eyetest!).

Best wishes

18-10-07, 13:09
Hey Gryphoenix...

I forgot...Keep up the good work, I really liked your Batman drawing. Maybe try and develop your own style if you can...?

GG...I hope it's not that cold in Spain!
Thanks for the praise. A very long lunch hour... :yesyes:

All the best

18-10-07, 16:04

18-10-07, 16:05

18-10-07, 16:13
Some wonderful stuff here, maybe we could get some of them put up in the gallery?

Jim :hugs:

18-10-07, 18:32
Good stuff on this thread, liked your Bryce work Allan




18-10-07, 18:39
Actually Jimbo that's another really good idea - a permanent gallery of pics or artwork, or even crafts that people do, in a special designated area, with the possibility of buying them (and a small percentage to go to the NMP kitty).

This would not only be a fun thing to do and give people an aim but also the possibility of earning a little bit from their work (only if they chose to of course - things for sale could be marked that way).

What do people think???

Is that at all a possibility Nic?

Piglet :flowers:

18-10-07, 18:44
Yeah sounds good Piglet, GG and I suggested it way back in the thread:shrug: x

18-10-07, 19:51
Well I was thinkin of a more permanent arrangement not just a monthly gallery and also the possibility of selling the work hun.

Piglet :flowers:

18-10-07, 21:17
ok Piglet, it all sounds a great idea, poems, photos, art, songs maybe?
Hope it can be worked out,lots of interest I'm sure.

Dave x

18-10-07, 21:36
This thread certainly seems to taking off....somewhere!

Perhaps there could be a 'Members Arts Gallery' page with a link on the Main page and on the left-hand menu? Like the link to the 'Photos' page.

Of course I suppose then we're talking about multiple pages and Categories......don't know how far we could go with all that.?? We have to keep propositons within a reasonable frame of thought.

Nic......we need you !!!!!!!!:blush:

If Nic is in favour, maybe we could co-opt Ross in to help? I'm happy to help (with my limited knowledge!) in any way.

Anyway, just a few thoughts - and it may, or may not, not be feasible or do-able.




18-10-07, 21:53
Ok needs some thought as the only way to upload the pics to the gallery is by me doing it from home which means the pics are sent to me and I upload them all.

This would have to be done from home each evening.

Then how do people pay for the goods etc?

Guess it needs some thinking through as to how it will work etc

18-10-07, 21:58
Hi Nicola, Paypal is a very easy and secure way of payment.


18-10-07, 22:18
Yes Dave I agree paypal would be a good way.:yesyes:

Perhaps we could go back to the idea in a way of having a section (like GG says) but that it is only updated say every 2 weeks or every month and we have a fixed date every 2 weeks/month then Nic wouldn't have to be uploading all the time just at specified dates.

It could initially just start as people showing their work as not everyone will want to sell, or they may only want to sell the odd thing but actually have something else they would like to just show!

Happyfeet already sells her work on her own website so maybe she may have some tips. It doesn't have to be anything really massive or too fancy, after all that is not what the site is about but I think it has been really inspirational to see all the talent we have here.

It's very theraputic to find an outlet to distract yourself with, with this old anxiety disorder, so not only would it be great for us lot but any new people coming along will see that life isn't all doom and gloom and that regardless of your issues there are lots of fun ways in life to give your self esteem a boost.

Love Piglet :flowers:

18-10-07, 22:34
At some point we are hoping to get a shop on the site but there are charges for that but it may not be a problem for most people who want to sell their pics.

We could maybe use that then

They also need watermarking or people just right click and save the pic for free lol.

18-10-07, 22:38
Perhaps it could be possible to have a sticky 'For sale' thread in the misc forum with watermarked samples of peoples work? Then if people are interested they get in touch with the relevant member. As it would be using NMP to advertise I think a percentage of the profits going to NMP would be a great way of making the money go to a good cause.


18-10-07, 23:45
Thanks Dave

Great images from your end. Unusual. Humorous. What prog are you using here?
The third one...'Matrix' right?


18-10-07, 23:48
Dave...hand art!

Please let me know how you did these? Or where you got them from?

Absolutely mind-blowing...

19-10-07, 00:01
Hi Nicola...

you've got me worried and excited all in one.

A gallery on NMP would be a great idea.

Watermarking is something I've been considering for a long time. I've already got stuff on the Saatchi Online Gallery and never bothered to watermark these.

I've always assumed that it all belongs to everybody on the web. If anyone nicks your poem, article, picture or whatever, then it's a form of flattery which you can't do anything about ...

Food for thought?

Best wishes

19-10-07, 00:07

Great work...Really liked the Photoshop pic
'Light At The End Of The Tunnel' for the painting, with a stormy journey before you get there?

19-10-07, 00:52
Hi...three more pix for your perusal. I've gone all precious and added a Watermark on each, though I can't see what difference it makes in terms of security...:shrug:

Here's a fractal (Thanks to Dave)...


A Bryce pic...


And another drawing...


Hope you like 'em...

Sweet dreams all...:yesyes:

19-10-07, 09:49
Fab!! :yesyes:

Piglet :flowers:

19-10-07, 09:51
Wow love some of those.:yesyes:

Does anyone know if selling your art while on benefits could affect them?

Jim :hugs:

19-10-07, 09:57
I think Jim you can earn a little bit each week can't you without your benefits being affected - as a self employed person (which is in effect what you would be if you sold your work) they take the amount over a whole year to work out what your weekly earnings would be.

You may sell a few peices in one week then not sell anymore for weeks so I doubt your benefits would be affected at all. If you do start selling and it looks like it may be a regular thing then I would tell them and go from there.

Love Piglet :flowers:

19-10-07, 10:27
The following link might be of interest to you Allan, Mike, Jimbo and Ray.......if you do intend to sell your work.


Although right-click can be disabled on graphics, there are ways of getting around it!:winks:

Watermarking is something I've been considering for a long time. I've already got stuff on the Saatchi Online Gallery and never bothered to watermark these.

I've always assumed that it all belongs to everybody on the web. If anyone nicks your poem, article, picture or whatever, then it's a form of flattery which you can't do anything about ...As with anything on the Internet Allan, articles can be used or misused. I wouldn't like to think that any of your lovely work would be misappropriated , or anyone else's for that matter.:shades:

luv GG xx


19-10-07, 11:40
Thanks Dee, you're a diamond. :hugs:

Mike x

19-10-07, 12:06
Thanks GG - another way is to show only small versions on the web so they can't really be used for resale.

19-10-07, 14:16
Hi Allan, my forte is photography but your art creations have inspired me.
I want to have a go with Bryce asap., any other suggestions?
I'm afraid most of the art I've posted isn't mine:lac: 30 lashes with the whip for me !

To try and make ammends here's a photo I took in Italy that has been modified BY ME using Photoshop Adobe5


19-10-07, 14:48
Hi Dave

I appreciate your honesty. Your amends have spared you the lash.:)
No other suggestions. Good luck with Bryce. It's not too difficult to use and makes amazing landscapes by default. I got mine from a magazine. It's an old copy but there are newer ones available.
I don't want to say any more because then I might be the one getting the lashes!:ohmy:

I liked the photo. Kind of "Saving Private Ryan".

Take care

19-10-07, 15:28
I'm downloading a trial version of Bryce from the Internet Allan.

re. I liked the photo. Kind of "Saving Private Ryan".

I see what you mean !:ohmy:


19-10-07, 15:37
Ha Ha...Thanks Dave. Tom Hanks never looked better.:)
Good luck with Bryce. :yesyes:

All the best

19-10-07, 15:38

Great minds think alike ?!! :blush:

I've just done the same lol - and Caligari TrueSpace :shades:!!

May even try it out in class when I get back!

Thanks for the tips Allan!



19-10-07, 16:17
I am blown away with these....all of them... awesome.


19-10-07, 17:21

19-10-07, 17:23
is it for pics you take like nature even tho your not a photographer ???????????

19-10-07, 17:48
Linda that is exactly the picture of the roads I remember travelling on when I visited my auntie in your neck of the woods (pardon the pun lol).

Gorgeous hun.:yesyes:

Piglet :flowers:

19-10-07, 18:02
lol Nel you always make me laugh hun those are in New Hampshire here in New England i love mountain pics you dont know where the sky begins all nature pics ..........thanks.............linda xxx

19-10-07, 23:44
Ooooh, I like that one Lindalou !!!!

Look, if I can post my daft playing-around pics here, I'm sure you can post your lovely photos.:yesyes::flowers:

I'm off to Espana tomorrow so I'm hoping to get some good shots - I'll try not to post all of 'em here......last time I went on holiday I took 552 photos lol !!! :wacko::ohmy::wacko:

Anyway, here's a little fiddling around I did with a photo I took of a boat in Marsaslox harbour in Malta a few years ago......





20-10-07, 02:39
Dabbling in watercolours GG? Image Processors are amazing aren't they?

512 holiday photos? You'd gum up the works with that lot!:)

A safe and panic-free flight to Spain for you...Speak again on your return I trust...

I'm itchin' to post more pix...

Bonfire Night soon (or should that be Military Bombardment Fortnight?)
Catherine Wheels...I used to love 'em:w00t2:


Yet another fractal...with twirl effect and lens flare:shades:


And finally...A Truespace Rocket...(Don't try this at home!)


If you cast your eyeballs over these...many thanks:yesyes:

Take care out there:hugs:

20-10-07, 06:43
I dont know much about art but...



20-10-07, 06:53
I'd love to be artistic, but I'm not.

However I do live in the most famous artists house in Wigan that has ever lived. I've got about 40 of his pictures (he's in the same genre as Lowry, just a tad cheaper). I can upload some Pics, but I'm a bit concerned about copyright (Got some great ones too).

Can people take them off the site if you upload em ?


20-10-07, 18:10
Hi Krackers, yep your images would could be copied and saved.

I went to Hatfield Forest, Essex today.




20-10-07, 21:26
Skitty...great pix!
Dave...marvellous. What camera do you use?
Lindalou...wonderful vista...

All the best...

21-10-07, 01:10
Hi Krackers,

Are any of the artist's pictures already on the net? Perhaps you could quote a link to them instead?

21-10-07, 02:30
Maybe we can have like a book or something made up of all these photographs and arts together instead of selling online or whatever, and you could sell the book instead? I remember when I was a kid there was this publication in which everyone submitted art and poetry and it ended up being this huge book (I never managed to get in though lol). There are a ton of publishing companies out there like lulu.com that could get this done. Just a suggestion! :D

Dave: Lol @ the Saving Private Ryan thing! Really pretty, crisp pictures on the last one you posted. :D

Allan: Thanks! I really like your stuff too, the bottle rocket is awesome. Yeah I have my own original characters too...sometimes, I'm just a big batman fangirl. XD I want to draw for the comics someday, tis a dream of mine.

GG: yay for watercolors! I love those filters they are so much fun.

Lindalou: Cool landscape!

Skitty: Nice, is that a weeping willow? I love those.

Here's an elf pic I finished recently, called "Elves Fade in the Fall..." kinda like in LOTR how it was the autumn of the elves during the War of the Ring. This isn't a LOTR elf or anything though. XD


21-10-07, 04:13
I haven't yet looked at everyones pics but........WOW! That's Fantastic! I'd Love to see more! What a talent you have phoenix! :yesyes: I wish I could create pictures like that! I love the Lord of the Rings films and everything to do with fantasy! Good escapism!

21-10-07, 05:11
Hi Clickaway, thanks for the reply.

He was really quite prolofic (James Lawrence Isherwood) and painted around 12k paintings in his life time. Some I think are just plain rubbish, but taste is subject.

They're not on the net as he's been counterfeited quite regularly recently. Most I have are unique, and I would have no problem claiming provenance. I'd just hate to see another 3 similar on ebay next week.

To be honest they haven't got anything on the pics posted to date (unless you're into your art). I think I should just take some snaps myself and post them instead. Just gotta catch my cats when they're being mischievious and that'd be a far better pic !


21-10-07, 11:24
Hi Gryph...:)

Thanks for praising the bottle rocket. :yesyes:

I really hope you do make it into comic's one day. You have the skills and the talent and the kind of style that fits the medium well. Keep it up, no matter what...
I used to copy individual panels now and then. Did a great Batman but lost it many years ago. I think it was a Jim Aparo...
Nice to see you using a watermark. shows you are serious.:shades:

Take care

21-10-07, 14:13
i draw, or did, mostly nudes. but i also did landscapes and i did a picture of will although i cant scan it yet:weep: - terrible with thechnology. but i will get it up as soon as i can.

im also getting into astrophotography so ill see how it goes and maybe share som of my pics here:)

21-10-07, 23:27
I took this photo of a blue tit today which is one of my favourite garden birds. :)


22-10-07, 07:28
Wow Nibbles, that is fantastic!! they don't stay still for long do they?, well done:yesyes:


22-10-07, 13:58
Hey thought I would post this link for all you artsy types :)

The site shows a little but basically it's to try and hock his video.

Pretty cool stuff on there I thought.

22-10-07, 17:14
Thanks Sandy.
Here's another birdie pic., a female Blackbird taken in my garden.


24-10-07, 20:04
New TV Series
The Genius of Photography BBC4

The Genius of Photography is on BBC4 at 9pm every Thursday night.

The Genius of Photography Review - Duncan Evans checks out a new series on the history, development, conflict and creative forces in photography from the camera obscura to the digital world of today.

Although this new 6-part, TV series for BBC 4 starts by pondering the differences between reality and photography it rapidly shifts to declare that photography has the power to delight, serve, outrage, move and disappoint us but has mainly intrigued us. And it's, "the secret strangeness that lies beneath the world of appearances and that is the true genius of photography." So now you know.

The program starts in earnest with a startling example of the camera obscura, explaining that it preceded photography itself by hundreds of years. It moves on to reveal the experiments of the early 1800s, when light sensitive chemicals were discovered. The problem then, was that that the chemicals would continue on developing until the turned black. This leads into the experiments of Englishman Fox Talbot and Frenchman Louis Daguerre that created printed, fixed versions of the images that could be chemically developed. The different processes are explained and the reasons why Fox Talbot, who was a very private person, managed to invent a process for the masses - the print could be duplicated. By contrast, Daguerre, who was a showman and exhibitor, invented a process that produced one off images that couldn't be duplicated. It took a while, but eventually market forces ensured the Fox Talbot print process prevailed.

Of course, this being photography there's plenty of opportunity for banal philosophy and artistic pretence but fortunately the narrator largely leaves this to the commentators and experts who provide over half of the dialogue. In this first 60-minutes episode such pretentiousness and self-importance is largely, thankfully absent.
The pace rapidly races on, from the early experiments, to Eadweard Muybridge and his horse experiments in San Francisco to the commercial photography of the 1850s. It has to be said, that this starts to be a check list of people and projects delivered at a breakneck pace. The subjects are introduced and dispensed with before there's any chance to digest what your eyes have consumed.

From there it's off to the prototype studios and then to the Warhol of his day, Nadar, in his studio in Paris. His early portraiture was stripped down, direct, completely at odds with the Victorian neo-classical recreations. No need to stop there though, because the narrative is off again, showing early photographers stepping into the shoes of painters and painters taking photos and incorporating the elements of naturalism that the photo captured, into their own paintings. Degas is rolled out as a proponent of this, but also that most artists looked down on photography or saw it as just a tool.

Then it's back to America for Eastman and his development of the film roll, the creation of the word Kodak to market it. Kodak doesn't mean anything, Eastman thought it up as word with no prior meaning or association that had strong elements. This section talks about the commercialisation of photography for the masses, with processing of film roll, the availability of cheap cameras and how the early adopters became known as Kodak fiends, snapping everything in front of them.

This outpouring of happy snapping inadvertently produced classic photographs, rich with detail. As the narrator explains, this was "the gift of the medium rather than the genius of the photographer." This leads into the world of crime photography in the early 20th century America, where as much detail as possible was required. Here, the crime scene photographers developed their own style. The word genius, needless to say, crops up in the sound bites constantly.

Back to France then and the massed albums of Jacque-Henri Lartigue, whose snapshot pictures of everyday life and people jumping into the air contrasted deeply with the Pictorialism of po-faced serious artists, who were seeking to establish artistic photography as a creative and valid medium. All this leads to the Great War and the demands for accuracy, detail, sharpness in records and surveying. To round the first episode off, the narrative leaps forward another 20 years to wave a finger about the global and photographic conflict yet to come, with a picture of a Hitler Youth.

If you were expecting a detailed look into anything in this first program, then forget it. This is a helter-skelter gallop through the past for the masses, not photography students, so covers ground that could have filled hours of television otherwise. Fortunately this isn't the Open University, and while the pace of the first episode obviously excludes plenty of worthy material, future episodes cover specific topics and themes in more detail.
The Genius of Photography is on BBC4 at 9pm every Thursday night.

27-10-07, 02:31
Hi everyone...

This post seems to have dried up as far as new images are concerned.:shrug:

Here's my attempt at a kiss of life...:)




27-10-07, 18:16
Great work Allan, I do hope this Art thing keeps going.
These were taken from the Internet but I thought you guys would enjoy them.




27-10-07, 21:11
A spooky one for the time of year.



28-10-07, 12:31
Hey guys My computer is finally fixed!
loving the art its brill!!! writers and video makers and song writers are welcome too!!! :) this is a picture i did, kind of mirrors the feelings I have towards myself.

http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/art/Picture49.jpg (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/art/Picture49.jpg%5B/IMG%5D)

here is one I did for fun:

and this...

28-10-07, 13:40
just wanted to say that my husband and I (sound like the queen talking ,lol)
have been totally gripped with this thread :yesyes: .

I asked my husband to put his phototography on here because he sells his in photos framed in local shops , but he is concerned about them getting copied for other sites.

His question is , how can he make sure they are not copied if he puts them on here ?
any suggestions would be great !!!

Also , is it just art as in photography & pictures ? because I know alot of people on here do alot of crafts (remember our craft thread ?) so maybe compling them all into one place would be fun ?

As for the selling idea , maybe we could all have our own private webpage that we can advertise on here , then that way Nic wouldnt have any work to do ?

just an idea :flowers:

28-10-07, 13:51
how do I put pictures onto this page ? HELP !!!

28-10-07, 14:20
you need to have your photos on a site like photobucket or dievient Art (sp?) and then you copy the image code of the picture in to here by clicking on the blue ball with the sideyways number 8 and then it should work.
Hope that made some sort of sense, good luck xxx if you need more help you could always email me the pictures and i can oput them up for you:flowers::yesyes:

28-10-07, 14:29
i will try that out cos i belong to phototbucket , will report back , thanks :yesyes:

28-10-07, 15:12

28-10-07, 15:22
sorry i just cant get the photo onto this screen , really disapointed because i would love to know how.

29-10-07, 20:39
Hi Mirry - I've PM'd you :blush:. Loved the dahlia:yesyes:

Here are the first three pics of 288 I took last week in Spain lol :ohmy:!!!

(That was for Allan lol !! :blush:)

430 sunrise

431 the pool - 9.00am

432 tranquility

......three down......only 285 to go lol !! :madness::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy::ohmy:


29-10-07, 23:10
Oooh loving tranquility!!!

Piglet :flowers:

30-10-07, 02:15
Hi everyone...:)

Please excuse the time-out since my last post...another bout of the blues.:weep:

Dave...great photos. I've always liked natural history subjects. You've picked some beauties there. Thanks for your comments.

Jimbo...wow! Edgar Allan Poe or H.P. Lovecraft would be proud. Deliciously spooky!

Jitterbug...ow! Baconesque and truly admirable. Wish I had your honesty and courage.

Groovygranny...you jammy so-and-so! Does your camera have a 'serene atmosphere' switch or do you moonlight for a travel agency?
Fantastic. I want to do an 'Alice through the looking glass' with these - especially 'tranquillity'

All the best...:shades:

30-10-07, 12:22
I write music for corporate videos - mainly in my spare time but want to make it a full-time career eventually.

My website is www.pocoapoco.co.uk (http://www.pocoapoco.co.uk) or my Myspace reflects more the sort of stuff I write when I dont have any restrictions! www.myspace.com/pocoapoco (http://www.myspace.com/pocoapoco)

Enjoy :-)

Nice to see so many other creative people on here :-D

31-10-07, 00:10
We had a wonderful electrical storm here the other night!

31-10-07, 07:30
Jitterbug...ow! Baconesque and truly admirable. Wish I had your honesty and courage.

thanks alan:blush: :flowers:

kitty i am so jealous I hope I will experience one one day, Ibe seen lightening but never been in a lightening storm. Sounds an odd thing to want to experience, but im curious..

31-10-07, 07:36
awesome music lilith!!!
I write song lyrics and short stories but I think my work is too depressing and graphic for this site and i dont want to edit it because it just feels wrong. I have one or two happy ish ones i can post.. we'll see

31-10-07, 07:49
ok Im spamming now but I thought Id sharw some stuff with you lovely people :winks:

the first one I was playing about with reflection



http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/Picture5.jpg (http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/Picture5.jpg)

anywhoo enough spamming from me now:yesyes:
everyone! I love your pictures and music ... its wonerful keep up the good work :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

31-10-07, 11:10
Woah, skitty.........what a brilliant still!:shades:

When I tried to take a still of a lightning storm in Spain I ended up with just a fuzzy blue blob lol !!:huh:

However, I manged to get a brief 'flash' on video. Here's a link to it:


Mind you, you'll have to be patient because it doesn't happen until nearly half way through lol !!.......and don't blink otherwise you'll miss it :ohmy:!!

Good programme on BBC 4 starting on Thursday evenings at 9.00pm - here's another link! Looks interesting.


Allan - nope, no 'serene atmosphere' button - I am serene at all times of course, as everybody knows lol :ohmy::blush:!! Ooh, looking forward to the 'Alice through the Looking Glass' - and I quite fancy the idea of moonlighting for a Travel Agency:winks: !

Jitter: is that the moon in your hand? It's amazing, I love it! :flowers:

I'm going to check out your links at home later Lilith - they're filtered here lol !!:wacko:

Happy Daze!!


PS: Apparently the BBC programme started last Thursday - cuz Mike recorded it lol !! Dozy GG lol :wacko:!!


31-10-07, 23:49
http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/DSC00241.jpg (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/DSC00241.jpg%5B/IMG%5D)

:dribble::dribble:HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!:dribble::dribble:

04-11-07, 10:49
A few Autumn photos from my recent visit to Sheffield Park, East Sussex




04-11-07, 12:34
Very nice Dave, I love the colours. :)

Here are a selection of photos that I took at a fireworks display last night:





Thanks for looking.

Take care,

Mike :)

04-11-07, 13:11
Great photos :winks: ,

well today my husband has treated himself to the camera of his dreams :lac:, and I get to have his old camera (which is only 2 years old and fab) ,
he wants me to get into the photography with him , to help with my anxiety :blush: , anyway , yesturday we took some photos at a park by the water, and I was quite pleased with my attemps so will post it here for you to see soon :shades: . :flowers:

04-11-07, 13:34
OK , here is my first ever photo taken on this camera yesturday ,
I Titled it "calm waters"

http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff286/mirrywhitty/mirandafirst.jpg (http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff286/mirrywhitty/mirandafirst.jpg)

please let me know what you think .

04-11-07, 13:59
Lovely shot Mirry. I like the person to give scale and the foreground interest plus the lead in line. The lighting is gorgeous too, well done!

Mike :)

04-11-07, 17:06
thank you Mike:D , what does the lead in line mean ? :blush: ,
My hubby has just taken a look at the recent photos on here and he said he likes the fireworks and the top photo that Dave has of the sun shining thru the tree , he said something about it softens the brightness :shrug: .

ok heres one I have taken today when we took the dog for a walk , but remember it wasnt a nice sky :mad: , but I just had to have a play with my camera. Its a photo of Portsmouth spinnaker tower and some of the dock yard .................


04-11-07, 17:10
Then this one , was when I was looking for my dog , so whilst waiting I took a snap......................


04-11-07, 17:13
How strange , my photos are now going onto this page , yet I am doing the exact same thing as before :shrug: .

Heres the Calm waters one again ............http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff286/mirrywhitty/mirandafirst.jpg

04-11-07, 18:45
Don't know if this will come out but this is a picture I drew on my graphics tablet447

04-11-07, 18:48
and heres another one448please let me know what you think:hugs:

04-11-07, 19:28
thank you Mike:D , what does the lead in line mean ? :blush: ,

Lol! It just means a line which leads the viewers eye into the photo such as a line of trees. In your case its the bank of the lake.

Take care,


04-11-07, 19:43
Star , lovely drawings :yesyes: .

Mike , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:redface: .

04-11-07, 19:57
Wow, I just love this thread!!:yesyes:

Love your graphics Stargazer - yes, even the pink one!

What stunning colours Dave:shades:

Mike - I want your camera! My fireworks last year were blobs lol ! well, they were coloured blobs !!:blush:

Mirry - Knew you'd get the hang of it - you're a natural!:flowers:

I took these yesterday at Devil's Point - a local beauty spot on Plymouth waterfront about 10 mins walk away from my house.

more on the way!!

449 Seeing the Light over Plymouth Sound (Cornwall in silouhette)

450 Autumnal Seed Pods

451 Rusty - I laid on the ground to get this one lol !!

04-11-07, 20:03
fab GG :D , love the pics , like the water one alot,,,

as for laying on the ground , were you on your way home from the pub by any chance ?,lol.

04-11-07, 20:06
jitterbug , if you go onto photo bucket , they have a halloween competition for photos , so maybe you can enter yours ?:shrug:

04-11-07, 20:51
GG., have you got a pic. of you laying on the ground taking the rusty nut photo? hehe:D x

Dave (rusty nuts)

04-11-07, 22:51
I think those graphics are brilliant Stargazer, you've got a real talent there. A graphics pen is so hard to use.

GG those photos are beauties. If the rusty one was on pbase you'd get some fantastic comments.

Take care,

Mike :)

05-11-07, 07:51
This fire work photo I took last night came out really strange , for some strange reason a circle has appeared around the fire work that looks like a bubble ?


05-11-07, 20:26
Thanks forthe kind comments, yes GG forgot about the "pink" thing sorry.

The photos you guys take are amazing keep it up


05-11-07, 21:43
No probs stargazer - I don't hold grudges lol !!

Mirry! I love the 'aura' around your fireworks, even though I haven't a clue what it is lol !!:blush:

Now, my fireworks pics tonight were a complete disaster !!!:ohmy::ohmy::nonono:

Here's the best one lol :


help!!....... someone!...Why are they all 'wiggly' - I used the firework setting on me little point-and-shoot !!!:ohmy::shrug:

well, the one of the local church where the bbq was held came out slightly better....and then I went all 'abstract' with a lampost lol !!

454 456

Think I'm far better off prostrating myself - wish I had been on me way home from the pub now Mirry! :wacko:
And no, Dave, I have no photographic evidence of that particular 'GG moment' sorry mate lol !!:rolleyes:

Ah well, back to the drawing board for me then !!



05-11-07, 21:59
Stargazer - I love the lavender one - wish I could have that bigger cos I would put it in my bedroom!

05-11-07, 23:18
I recently bought a snazzy wide angle lens and tried it out looking up at this Alpine House at Kew Gardens yesterday. It was difficult to get the sun behind that tree in the distance to avoid excess light.

The building is much slimmer than my picture suggests - there just being a walkway with the flowerbeds either side.


06-11-07, 01:37
Hi Everyone...:)

Please vote for my entry in the latest Saatchi Online Gallery Head-To-Head Competition.

Just follow the link below:

http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/showdown/index.php?showpic=88970 (http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/showdown/index.php?showpic=88970)

You will get my gratitude:yesyes:

06-11-07, 07:39
you got a 10 !!!

love the lampost GG, and the chuch - looks creepy ,lol.

clickaway , thants what my husband has just got a wide lense camera , so he can take wide pictures, he took one of our garden and it looked so much bigger (i wish) , Love your photo and the tree looks great in the background there .

07-11-07, 00:12
Ray I love it! - I am very partial to black and white !

Mirry, I got a wet bum taking the shot of the church - had to crouch down in wet grass and lean against wet railings to get that angle......and got some more strange looks :shrug: (ooh, that sounded so professional - I can 'talk the talk' all I gotta do now is 'walk the walk' !) but Mike says if you get funny looks it means you're a real photographer - so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! lol:lac:

Re 'Wiggly' firework piccie: I have to choose now between a tripod and a new belly dancing costume for Christmas - don't like making difficult decisions me !!:ohmy::huh::blush:

Oh and Allan - sorted, but they didn't have an 11 out of 10 !!



07-11-07, 19:53
I thought someone asked recently about ways to avoid people stealing your pictures from the web, but now I can't find it.

Anyway, people always find ways of doing this and my advice would be to post in a small size so although it could be screengrabbed, it would be no good for printing or publishing on the web at a larger size.

Some people watermark them, but even then experts can clone them out.

07-11-07, 19:58
......and got some more strange looks :shrug: (ooh, that sounded so professional - I can 'talk the talk' all I gotta do now is 'walk the walk' !) but Mike says if you get funny looks it means you're a real photographer - so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! lol

Exactly - here's a photobuddy of mine taking a picture of the darkest part of a foot tunnel on our recent trip to York! Not sure what he was shooting, maybe some grafitti or a discarded sticker?



07-11-07, 20:44
hehe Ray, your friend is a man after my own heart lol :blush:!!

Love the curves of the tunnel by the way!:yesyes:

Think your question may have been raised somewhere on this thread? I posted this link on the earlier pages:


But, I agree with you, there will always be someone willing to develop software to get around any security. Good idea of yours to reduce the file size to as small as possible, rendering the image useless for anything other than viewing on the page.

I found some of firework night last year - fireworks are still no good:lac:, but infinitely better than this years lol !!

471 The Big Wheel (and moon! lol )- Plymouth Hoe 05.11.06

472 Drake's Island at night (Brittany Ferry to the right!) 05.11.06

473 Feeble Firework! 05.11.06

07-11-07, 21:51
Hi GG,

You asked for feedback and first of all I think your photo at Plymouth Sound is fab! For me, photography is all about light, and this is why I love this.

I'm not sure what sort of camera you have, but it doesn't have to sophisticated to get excellent shots, although it won't work so well in more trying conditions.

That church photo - it is too dark, but I would crop out those leaves as they have caught the light yet are not the main focus of the shot. As long as you feel safe, why not visit a churchyard after dark and look for some spooky shots. You sometimes see a headstone that is caught by one of the floodlights - I did this at a local church to go with Boris Pickett's "The Monster Mash" lol.

07-11-07, 22:10
Oh thanks Ray!:)

My little point-and-shoot is a Nikon CoolPix L20

I take your point about the church - it's sort of too 'cloudy' isn't it? I'll try what you suggested about the leaves - and post it if I'm brave enough!

I don't know if I'm brave enough to go looking for floodlit tombstones - but hey, there's always a first time for everything!:shades:

Thanks again for your advice!:yesyes:


08-11-07, 00:46
Thanks for voting, GG and Mirry... (and anyone who may have voted anonymously) you get my gratitude:flowers:

GG ... If you can put up with the strange looks you can put up with wet grass and wet railings?

All the best:hugs:

08-11-07, 05:17
Hi Guys, "Pecking Order"


09-11-07, 18:03
Hi guys n gals,

I wanted to post this photo which I took today as it symbolises what this thread means to me.


Take care,

Mike :)

12-11-07, 18:16
Just to keep the thread alive

12-11-07, 18:23

Just saying hi :winks:

12-11-07, 19:16
Mike - that picture says it all mate, I agree.:hugs:

Love the colours Skitty!:flowers:

Hi, Ray:shades: !

Dave, ornithological bouncers in your garden?:shrug:

I took these yesterday afternoon

480 late afternoon in Plymouth Sound

481 footprints on Devil's Point beach



13-11-07, 10:10
Love the light on the bay GG - at first I thought it was a black and white shot, also the footprint detail. Do you wear those terrible plastic clog thingies!?:D
I couldnt get back to sleep this morning so I thought I'd make good use of my time-

Venus in the sky at Dawn


14-11-07, 17:54
Thanks Dee. :hugs: I love the lighting in the Plymouth Sound shot and the colours on the footprint photo. Deliberately underexposing like in your landscape shot can create really atmospheric images.

Take care,

Mike :)

14-11-07, 20:32
This photo was taken by my husband 2 days ago , it is a photo of Portsmouth's Spinnaker tower.


15-11-07, 03:17
hey gys liking the work :) keep it coming xxx

15-11-07, 19:15
It's been a beautiful day in Manchester for a change and I woke up to a really crisp November morning. I grabbed my camera and took this photo in my garden:


15-11-07, 19:36
Ooh! (sharp intake of breath!) Rubies and diamonds in your garden - beautiful Mike:hugs: !!

Mirry - fantastic......I want your husband's camera lol !!!:blush:

I so love this thread. xxx

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


PS: You inspire me Mike !! So I've been playing around with Photoscape again!.....this is a photo I took in the garden at the Alhambra Palace....I've called it Piglet's Rose, because of the colour!!


16-11-07, 11:56
hiya guys.. just joined you again after a long time away... i just 'love' this thread

clickaway - i adore your photos, the honesty of them inspires me, they are the kind of photos i can observe for hours, i especially love the one at the festival and the one of your friend in the tunnel. i imagine if i were to ever get married you are the kind of photographer i'd want there. your photos speak a true story, your angels and lighting are amazing. keep your images coming. i'm loving them

Gryphoenix - your pics are so so so amazing, what an amazing talent you have. are these done on the comp or are you using pencils?

Nibbles - i love the pics of your fireworks. gotta ask what camera you have. the quality of them is ace!

here's the kinda stuff i make then photograph then use on black card as postcards or birthdaycards etc

oh actually, i cant seem to figure out how to put it on... hey ho

16-11-07, 11:58
ops.. clickaway - i ment your angles are amazing... although your angels might be too :)

16-11-07, 12:14
love the Piglet rose :yesyes: . My hubbys new camera cost us a fortune (still havent recovered from the shock 470 , usual rrp 799 :ohmy: ) and then once he got it he announced he want a special lense for it that only costs 200:mad:

I said we need a new bed BUT no a camera is more important (she says with terrible back ache ,lol)

Nibbles what a lovely colour leaf with all the water bubbles on it , looks fab:yesyes: .

I must get out and take some photos soon, any ideas of what I could take ?

16-11-07, 13:43
Mirry - that shot of the Spinnaker is wonderful - it is often best to shoot at twilight than complete darkness.

Mike - very well observed and like jewels - I am usually fast asleep when there's frost about. Another good one is to catch globules on leaves after a heavy shower.

GG - what a fab idea to name a rose after Piglet! Perhaps we could dream up a new flavour of Pringle in her honour too :D

Honeybee - thanks a lot - I would love to shoot a wedding but it would be far too stressful for me!

Mirry (again) - days like today can be great for photos - a blue sky and crisp conditions - but try and avoid distracting shadows falling on buildings etc. With the low sun, you can catch shadows of people on the pavement for example. Can be good especially if there is something else included like a bike, walking stick - even just a toddler will enhance it!


16-11-07, 13:55
gg My husband likes your Pink rose picture alot , hes just come home and said I like the background on it .

Ray , I think its gonna rain all weekend , so dont know what I can do with that ? My mother has just got the same camera as my husband today for her 60th birthday..... and she just phoned me asking me how to use it ,lol.

I will keep the tip you gave me on shadows , thanks !!!

16-11-07, 13:59
forgot to say , when ever I take photos , I hate people watching me do it :blush: ,

dont know why this is , feel a bit silly I suppose , so tend to take photos in nature away from people mainly (hope this will change with time).

16-11-07, 16:09
Thanks for everyone's kind comments on my leaf photo, I bought a new lens this week and am enjoying playing with it. :)

Dee - Isolating the colour of the rose is a great idea and I think it's a lovely thought naming it after Piglet. It really means a lot to me that my photos inspire you so much and gives me the incentive to take more.

Honeybee - I had great fun photographing the fireworks and am glad you like them. I've got a Canon EOS 350D which is a digital SLR camera and have had if for about 12 months.

Ray - I really like your silhouette shots and think your photos capture lots of emotion.

Mirry - As I live in Manchester I've got used to rainy and overcast days lol. Indoor shots are a good way of getting around it or taking photos of rain drops. If there's a break in the weather you can try capturing reflections in puddles too. What camera have you and your husband got?

Take care,

Mike :)

16-11-07, 16:13
I forgot to say, when I'm out with my camera I tend to feel quite self conscious. I'm better now than I was but know exactly where you're coming from Mirry. I think getting out each day to take a photo's helped and now I often stomp around with my tripod and camera slung over my shoulder! :D

Take care,

Mike :)

16-11-07, 18:20
I take a lot of my photos with people around. Whilst I never have a problem with that, I do feel a bit apprehensive about photographing people when I first start off each time, but that soon goes and I can't stop!

Mike's idea on puddles is a great one. I took a puddle pic in our local market and the stallholder challenged me over my taste, as it was in fact a blocked drain which had not been fixed in months! I was really pleased with the outcome.

Another wet day pic could feature umbrellas; a close up of architectural detail or portraits using the natural light coming in through the window. A friend suggested I buy some black velvet and I hang that over my shower rail - I stand in front of it with the window at 90 degrees and my face is half-lit.
I got the velvet from the Singer sewing machine shop.

Incidentally, a good photo opportunity in your area is the end of Ferry Road in Eastney where the wooden boats lie on the pebbled beach. Choose a sunny day and stoop down low. There is the view across the harbour too.

16-11-07, 20:59
cant believe i took a great photo today and when we got home , my husband uploaded them for me but just before he did , he acidently deleated my best photo that I was gonna post on here :mad: .

I couldnt believe it , he felt awful bless him so we will go back and take the same photo:yesyes:

16-11-07, 21:10
aaw, Mirry

know how you feel - was on the way back from visiting our niece in Portugal a few years ago, we hadn't had the digital long (not the one I have now) and I was fiddling around with it on the plane........and had a mega GG moment where I deleted all the images on the card :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: !!

Ooh, how ruddy sick was I ? All thoses lovely shots of Lisbon too.....:weep:

.....anyway, all was not lost!! When we got home I went on the internet and found some lovely pics of Lisbon! And, this is very weird, they were almost identical to the ones I had taken :wacko: ...how about that then?!!!

Glad you're going to take your pic again - looking forward to seeing it :) !!

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


16-11-07, 21:20

You can get image recovery software, but I have not tried this so cannot really recommend anything.

Something to keep at the back of your mind should anybody delete any images you cannot go back and take again:mad:

EDIT: A friend tried this http://www.datarescue.com/photorescue/ when he deleted a whole card by mistake - the free trial will at least tell you if the image is recoverable! And $29 is not a fortune!

18-11-07, 12:19
Photography arty enough?




18-11-07, 12:47
It looks like you have linked the image wrong. In photobucket there should be an option under the photo that says "Message Board" just copy and paste that link direct into here and it should supply it's own image tags.

18-11-07, 12:56

Ok last try then I give up.Wow it worked, Thanks UW for the help.

18-11-07, 15:04
nice work guys =] kee it up xxx

18-11-07, 15:07
I have some wied photos to share with you, but im in a net cafe (somone gave me free time on their computer!) on my work break so ill do it when I get in from work if i remember.

18-11-07, 20:17
UW - that's a really eerie shot in the middle.

I had a go at photographing water droplets today and was quite pleased with it being my first attempt.


Take care,


18-11-07, 21:57
That's a great one Mike - but I'm still trying to work out the background.

Here's an idea for a dark and wet day in winter ~ looking through my wet windscreen and focussing on the droplets so the distant lights are out of focus. I had the focus on manual.


18-11-07, 22:21
Thanks Ray, I'll be giving that a go lol!

Take care,


18-11-07, 22:28
Oh and the background was some wrapping paper with monsters on lol!

18-11-07, 22:37
UW - that's a really eerie shot in the middle.

Thanks Nibbles, it was taken at about 0300 on the South Bank of London with a long exposure.

19-11-07, 11:01
Hi Mike , my husband uses his new Canon 400D and I used a

finepix S7000.

UW , the middle photo of the man standing on the building looks worrying :ohmy: .

19-11-07, 11:30
taken by my hubby


19-11-07, 11:40
now its my turn ,lol.


19-11-07, 11:41

19-11-07, 14:36
One of me taken a few weeks ago in London

20-11-07, 08:06
some more photos ive taken...
what do you guys think this one is??? im intrigued to see what you come up with!
http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/DSC00268.jpg (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/DSC00268.jpg%5B/IMG%5D)

http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/DSC00345.jpg (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/DSC00345.jpg%5B/IMG%5D)

http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/DSC00366.jpg (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/DSC00366.jpg%5B/IMG%5D)

http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/DSC00417.jpg (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m310/maniac_8/DSC00417.jpg%5B/IMG%5D)
so yeah thats my arty photos for just now :shrug:

20-11-07, 22:28
In case you didn't see this post ...


This means that I can add a sub-forum for the arty pics if people want?

20-11-07, 22:47
I've been seeing a few dawns lately!

21-11-07, 01:01
In case you didn't see this post ...


This means that I can add a sub-forum for the arty pics if people want?

Yes, Nic - that would be a good idea as I think this thread will be around for a while. :)

21-11-07, 09:22
Has anyone heard of the band Sigur Ros? Their music is very chilled and it always "hits" me quite deeply.

Anyway, I'm writing a song called Ocean in the same sort of style as Sigur Ros and my boyfriend, whose a film-maker, is gonna do the video for it. I've almosrt finished it and he loves the music. I am writing some lyrics too. Its about my love for him consuming me which also kind of crosses over to how my anxiety can consume me too, but its not too sad a song.

I'll let you all know once the video is done as my boyfriend will put it on his Myspace, I'm so excited about it :D

21-11-07, 09:39
lilith , are you gonna sing the song too ?

21-11-07, 10:22
Yes, but we dont want the lyrics to be understood really.

Sigur Ros have a "made up language" which they sing in and its lovely. What I am doing is writing out the words and then spelling them backwards, and then will try and sing them.

I've not got the strongest voice in the world but I really want to sing this song and I think I can do a passable performance!

21-11-07, 11:06
That would be great Nic, thank you. :)

Mike x

21-11-07, 14:44
a few things i made in photoshop




21-11-07, 19:25
OK new forum created now for you - this means you can post your own threads and not have to keep adding to this one.


21-11-07, 21:04
I just love this thread!

Nibbles, that leaf is amazing....I really like it!

Jitterbug............you are obviously either from my neck of the woods or taking photos in it! I recognise Princes St! Is one of them a sparkler?

Skitty, that pic is beautiful!

Ozzzy, they are fab. I am inspired to go and muck around with my photos now!


23-11-07, 21:13
Had a go at photographing the moon tonight.


Take care,


24-11-07, 16:37
How did you do that Mike? Any time I try to photograph the moon, it looks like this
Yours is amazing!

25-11-07, 11:47
Hi Happy,

Thanks for your kind comments. I used a tripod and carefully exposed for the moon to take my photo. What camera do you use?

Take care,

Mike :)

25-11-07, 12:28
mike love the shot of the moon , what lense did you use for that ?

And where is the little man who lives up there ?

25-11-07, 16:59
mike love the shot of the moon , what lense did you use for that ?

Thanks Mirry. :) I used Sigma's 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG APO Macro lens and then cropped the photo in Photoshop. A photo of the lens is shown here (http://www.pbase.com/cameras/sigma/70-300_4-56_dg_apo_macro).

And where is the little man who lives up there ?

He had just popped to the Tesco store on the dark side of the moon. :D

25-11-07, 17:56

What camera do you use?

:shrug: A kodak digital thingy! I have settings on it to use it manually but I have forgotten more than I ever learnt about manually using a camera:blush:
I have some nice 'scenes' or nature ones (if I can ever downsize them enough to post!)



I am not sure how they will turn out as I have downsized them a BIG amount!


26-11-07, 16:24
Nice shots happy, the wasp is definitely my favourite.

There are basically two things you can adjust manually if your camera allows it. The first is shutter speed which is how long the shutter stays open for and therefore how long the camera's sensor stays exposed to light. If you are shooting outdoors at night then you would need a shutter speed of several seconds because of the low light levels.

The second manual control is the aperture which controls how much light is let through the lens. A camera lens has a series of plates inside which is like the iris in your eye. A small aperture makes the plates contract so that there is only a small hole to let light through. A large aperture creates a large hole that lets more light through because the plates expand. Rather confusingly, a small number (such as f2.8) represents a large aperture. Another use of aperture is controlling the depth of field (DoF) which simple means how much of the background and foreground are in focus. A large aperture and zooming in will create a blurred background like in your wasp photo.

The moon was really bright when I photographed it so to avoid overexposure I used a fast shutter speed (1/1250s). That reduced the amount of time the camera's sensor was exposed to light and therefore kept the details of the moon.

Hope this helps and let me know if you try photographing the moon.

Take care,

Mike :)

27-11-07, 22:32
Can I post my first recording with a live band from my karoake site??


28-11-07, 16:23
thats really cool well done eeyore!!! :D

29-11-07, 17:23
i wanted to turn a day pic in to a nighttime pic this was my 1st go at it


29-11-07, 17:49
Well done that's great

11-12-07, 21:42
Sandy, you have such a fab voice mate! I love your country voice it's just cool! :D

That's a great conversion to a night shot Ozzy.

I took this photo of a greenfinch today and decided to post it as I've not been on this thread for a while.


Take care,

Mike :)

15-12-07, 18:22
mike that photos is lovely (even though i have a phobia of birds :blush: ) lol.

The day to night photo is really different , it seems there are so many tricks you can do .

Well heres a photo my hubby took today of our dog , using a wide angle lens.


15-12-07, 23:11
Since I discipline myself to take a picture each day, I was forced into a situation recently when I felt so so tired all day and did not feel safe to go out until the evening.

So I tried to some night photography. In my opinion, this is best done just before total darkness so you can still detect some blue and a little detail. I don't really like the yellowing caused by street lamps. However, on this occassion I snapped this one not far off midnight!

Anyway, I ended up in Kingston where a newish stretch of road goes under the John Lewis in a tunnel. I rested my camera at an angle on a small wall and got this shot. I had a tripod in the car, but didn't want the hassle of being questioned by the Law at 11.40pm! This is a half-second exposure.


15-12-07, 23:30

Wow some excellent photos!:) Your all so talented:yesyes:

Mirry love your doggy!

Ray, brilliant effect, i have one very similar but not half as good as yours, it was taken by the London Traffic Police of my darling hubby speeding !!!:ohmy: :winks: :winks: :winks: :winks:


15-12-07, 23:45
But did they catch the frowns on your faces? :mad: :D :mad:

17-12-07, 20:56
Had to post my Christmas song :)


19-12-07, 03:16

Just a sig of mine shame ya cant use it on the forum for a sig tho :P *hint hint*

19-12-07, 03:19
Had to post my Christmas song :)


Its very good :D :yesyes::yesyes::yesyes::yesyes:

20-12-07, 12:12
Sandy just beautiful and the harmony with the guy in that song is wonderful is he your hubby???? xxxx

20-12-07, 14:36
My hubby couldn't carry a tune in a bucket - hehe
It's a backing track off my singing site.
They include background vocals :)

20-12-07, 15:33

As always you have sung that song beautifully, your voice is so calming. :cloud9:

Take care,

Mike :)

01-01-08, 11:03
my hubby took this last night whilst out driving , and people in other cars thought he was the police cos it was new years eve :ohmy: , lol.


01-01-08, 11:49
Wow! great pic. Mirry.

Here's a couple of Maldon/Heybridge Basin, Essex


01-01-08, 12:28
wow these are fab photo's :) :) :)
Richie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

01-01-08, 15:04
Dave nice pics !!!:yesyes:

How did you know thats my house :ohmy: ?

lol, i wish,
happy new year !!!

03-01-08, 13:43
Your house Mirry? there was I thinking you lived in a mud hut !! haha:roflmao: :roflmao:

another pic.,the best known laxative to man (or woman)?


03-01-08, 14:25
Woah, Mirry your hubby is very talented:yesyes: that's awesome!

Dave........that looks so warm mate!.....think I'd risk the sharks for a bit of warmth at the moment:blush: ...... Here's me, today, now ....at work!:shades:

There's a draught that would challenge an ice-wind from the arctic coming through one of the old sash windows in the IT suite......our school is a listed building so double-glazing is a no-no :(:w00t2:

Yes, I know.......I'm wearing pink (yuuk!) but needs must and it's warm (and me mother bought it for me last year lol) !! Found it in the back of the wardrobe this morning, glad I hung on to it now though!


03-01-08, 19:56
Hmm, thought I'd better post some serious pics after my silly one!!:whistles:

The first one was taken from the restaurant in Plymouth Aquarium just before Christmas, the others on a heavily cloudy day in November and the sunset a couple of weeks ago.

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/nmp/arty%20farty/DSCN4011ee.jpg http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/nmp/arty%20farty/DSCN3940ee.jpg http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/nmp/arty%20farty/DSCN3936ee.jpg

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/nmp/arty%20farty/DSCN3908ee.jpg Sunset from the top of my street

:hugs: :hugs:

03-01-08, 21:01
I love your sky photos Dee, they have so much atmosphere. My favourite is the second photo. I really like the way the birds are captured against the dramatic sky.

Take care,

Mike x :hugs:

04-01-08, 07:54
hey everyone sorry been really busy getting ready for my travles so Ive ot really been on nmp. Hope everyone is well! xxx
keep up the art its amazing!

04-01-08, 10:41
Hiya Jitter - not long now eh? Don't forget to find an internet cafe now and again and keep us all posted on your adventure!:shades: :yesyes:

Aw, thanks Mike :blush: ...and thanks for all your help with pbase! Guess I'm just an 'oldie-newbie' lol !!:winks:

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

04-01-08, 11:12
wow , Dee , i really like the 3rd photo of yours , I love the light peeping thru the clouds like that .Also is that a water bottle in your coat ?

Dave , now i cant wait for my hubby to come home from work to see the kyak/shark photo, thats another hobby of his and when we were in cornwall he kyaked around the cliffs there and then learnt that sharks were spotted right where he was ,lol. Great photo.

hope you manage to post some photos after your travels jitterbug ?

04-01-08, 13:35
It is indeed a hot water bottle shoved up me body warmer Mirry!!:ohmy:

And it's still there lol!!:blush:

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

09-01-08, 20:45
I played around a bit with my new 'Mini-Flexi_Tripod' that I had for Christmas!

I was putting the decorations away and thought, "what a shame they won't be seen until next year!"........ So I photographed them lol !!
NB: I just felt like shooting the Sellotape - we don't usually put a match to that or hang that on the tree lol !!


http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/nmp/arty%20farty/DSCN4278e.jpg Santa broke his Spectacles!



:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

09-01-08, 20:54
Sorry......seem to have taken up the space for two posts!!

When I reduced the ones above more, they lost resolution....I'm still on a learning curve lol !! :shades: :wacko: :blush:

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/nmp/arty%20farty/DSCN4282e.jpg http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/nmp/arty%20farty/DSCN4280e.jpg http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/wrinklytech/nmp/arty%20farty/DSCN4287e.jpg

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

09-01-08, 22:53

sometimes i say things i dont really feel,
its just at that moment the words appear to be real
carried into the air from my mind to my mouth
sometimes it seems like i think of only myself

i wish i could help you understand what i mean
but words are unreliable, and are not what they seem
maybe blood in my mouth does beat blood on the ground
because what i am feeling is not how it sounds

is it enough to want you to hear what i say
when i dont think you listen in the same way
i believe love is blind and i think you're deaf
beacuse when i talk you dont hear and now i have nothing left

Words are not enough for me to realise how you feel
I need you to show me so that your love for me is real
My heart is lost and broken now
My life is torn in two
Ever since i went insane and said goodbye to you
No more do i feel warmth wen the sun is shining down
The sounds i used to love to hear are nothin than a sound
The music i once listened to no longer talks to me
The life nurtured in nature is nothing than a tree
Sometimes i struggle to find a reason why i should awake
When my days are filled with nothing but desperation and heartache
My motivation to do well has drained rso far away
I cannot fnid a reason to stay here another day
No longer am i completed the world has fallen apart
Due to what with you you take, with you you take my heart
And all because of what i thought i felt when i spoke to you
Though everything good in me was true only with you.

09-01-08, 22:57
wow sorry folks, shudnt hav added that! sounds well depressin! sooooorry! x

09-01-08, 23:20
On the contrary sam,

sounds like it was written from the heart.....true and honest - and no 'airs and graces'.

Thank you!

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


19-01-08, 04:42
I finally did this song!!!
I absolutely love it and I just never had the nerve to do it :)

20-01-08, 12:47
Beautiful singing as always Sandy. :hugs: You're so talented!

Mike x

31-01-08, 14:47
Love the pics Dee , you are all doing so well.
My hubby got his web site started selling his photos at last !!!
Its early days but its looking good.

We will get some photos on here soon hopefully , we haven not forgotten you all .

31-01-08, 16:17
GG only just seen the pic of 'Piglet's rose' - aww lambychops that is gorgy gorgy gorgeous!!!:hugs:

I am feng shui-ing the house at the mo (like you do) and one area I am particularly concentrating on is my bedroom. I need some new artwork in there and although I may do myself a painting here and there I do need some various elements in the whole feng shui theme.:yesyes:

GG you had a pic on maybe page 4 or so, of a river running over stones and some trees to the side - is there anyway you could send this to me but in a black and white or sepia way. You see that is just the right image for my water element!!!

I will pay you, or buy you a present, or be your bestest friend. I will either print it out and frame it, or send it to NEXT to turn it into a canvas!!!

Love Pringlet :flowers:

31-01-08, 16:32
your bedroom sounds lovley Piglet , all tranquill.

31-01-08, 19:44
Lol Mirry - well it is certainly looking much clearer and minimal and as soon as I have done some other urgent chores then I intend to paint it white.:yesyes:

Piglet :flowers:

31-01-08, 20:33
Aaw, thanks Mirry :) - love to see your hubby's pics. Can you post a link please ? http://iesmileys.com/img/confused/iesmileys0569.gif (http://iesmileys.com/)

PigletPinkyPringleChops!!! http://iesmileys.com/img/party/iesmileys1439.gif (http://iesmileys.com/)

I'm soooo glad to hear you're not painting your new bedroom a horrible ghastly........p.i.n.k. !!! http://iesmileys.com/img/happy/iesmileys0823.gif (http://iesmileys.com/)

Here's a link to my pics on Pbase.com which I think includes the pic you mentioned. If you find it, and any others that take your fancy, then let me know and I'll sort them for you ok?

http://www.pbase.com/dee53/profile (http://www.pbase.com/dee53/profile) (click on 'all galleries')

Ooh, to think I may soon be hanging on the wall in Piglets budoir...........http://iesmileys.com/img/jumping/iesmileys1001.gif (http://iesmileys.com/)


:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


31-01-08, 20:53
lol , you two are so funny , I would love to see a photo of the new room Piglet . GG is that your room ? where are the cuddly toys, the pink fluffy slippers and the water bottle ?

here is my hubbys web site .........

31-01-08, 21:18
Mirry lol!!!

The piglets are not so impressed with all my new feng shui ideas - they keep finding bowls of uncooked rice allover the place and pebbles covering the plug holes in the bathroom. I am going to make some chi catchers in the next few days too.

I have to say decluttering is very good for the spirit!!!

Right GG - I actually like flippin loads of those images but I think I will plump for shaugh no 7. Could I have it black and white hun.

I am really wanting something for over the fireplace in there - again black and white, maybe pebbles, I want it to be a positive image not melancholy if know what I mean. Black and white is hard to work with because often it can be - have you two got any ideas????

Love Piglet :flowers: