View Full Version : How has work been for you all?

20-04-20, 00:33
I'm currently a student, however the student jobs I have had I have found a little difficult - even if they have started well, my issues have flared up sooner or later. I have decided it may be helpful to try to be more upfront about these things with potential employers in the future, from the start. Whether or not this will be successful we will see, but I figured it's worth a try.

20-04-20, 06:50
That’s a tough one. I haven’t told my current boss about my PTSD, but I’ve been working at the same place for many years now, so it doesn’t mean another employee hasn’t said something.

20-04-20, 07:24
I told my direct boss about my CPTSD when I first started at Centre Link I started back there today after a stint working back in Correctional Service,she has always taken the time to ask me Am I OK that means a lot.:)

20-04-20, 19:39
It can help so much if you have an insightful and compassionate boss. It's such a complex area which is so personal to the individual yet kindness and understanding can pave the way to successful employment. If you talk about these issues at the interview it does protect you from discrimination if there are problems in the future but it is a tough call.