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19-06-20, 12:27
Hi all
Thought i would drop by again after my months of worry over als/mnd.
So i had an appointment to see my neurologist on weds to discuss my fears and concerns that have gone back to November last year.
So after examining me and a long chat and going through all my list of symptoms, he said he is absolutely, beyond all doubt, certain that i am ok and will not do an emg because i dont need it.
Good news!! But.... On weds night, where i should have felt great after receiving that good news, i just couldn't sleep. I couldnt get a deep enough breath and has carried on during the day. Its like i cant get enough air into my lungs. Of course from my extensive reading over the past months, it says this can be a symptom of als /mnd, so again im back to worrying. What a waste of time and money seeing the neurologist!!!
I am at my wits end, and thought this appointment would have got me out of this rabbit hole once and for all!!
Im also finding that when i eat anything my saliva seems thicker after ive swallowed the food, and that's worrying me too, as again is a symptom of als/mnd and I didn't think to ask the neurologist about the saliva. But again this could be normal??
I didnt have the breathing issue either and thats come on suddenly?
Sorry to be posting yet again, but I'm so caught up in this vicious circle and im doubting everything and everyone!!
Thanks for reading. Im trying to be rational, but surely i would have failings or could it be respiratory als/mnd. Freaking out here!!

19-06-20, 12:32
When are you going to seek real life help with your anxiety?

Positive thoughts

19-06-20, 12:57
Thanks for the quick reply!! I am getting help from a phychologist but its early days!!