View Full Version : Eperience of Buspar/Buspirone anyone?

22-10-07, 22:25
Hi everyone..

I just wanted to ask if anyone has taken or are taking this medication..and what was or is your experience of it.

I have started taking it only two weeks ago and on a low dose 2x10mg a day to start, so its very early days as i am aware that it can take upto 6 plus weeks to even start working(so my doctor tells me).

I have a real good doctor and told him i did not want to go back on Anti-depressants(or at least until i have tried something else first). I took Fluoxetine (Prozac) before and it did help but eventualy i came off it after about a year as l was forgetting stuff at work and i did feel so much better...

I would be grateful for any input

Best Wishes

23-10-07, 19:12
Hi Carmel

I havent tried this medication, but if you scroll down to the very bottom of this page there are a few topics about the med.

Hope that helps


Janice Booth
26-10-07, 23:25
Carmel - I have been on Buspirone before. I found them similar to but slightly stronger than Diazepam. I too only took a small dose but was a bit light headed etc. I then went onto Citalopram but they did not help at all and in fact made me worse! I am now on Nortryptyline 10mg 3 x day and am getting on well with them. They only take the edge off the anxiety etc but at least that is a start. I also take 2mg of Diazepam when I need to and this seems a good balance at the moment.

Give the Buspirone a good try and see how you feel - everyone is so different and pills suit everyone differently. It is good you have a good GP - that is half the battle!

Good luck and I hope they work for you.

Janice xx