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03-07-20, 10:09
Hi all
I'm having a bad time managing to get a deep breath over the last couple of days and it's really worrying me. It's like I can't get enough air in my lungs and then I either yawn or sigh to relieve it.
Now I'm a frequent poster on this site and have read that yawning/shortness of breath can be related to mnd and the bulbar onset so am freaking out over this. Put this together with my speech issues and I think I have it.
I saw neurologist two weeks ago and this breathing issue has happened since I saw him.
I'm getting increasingly anxious about my breathing and its getting worse.
Thanks for reading

03-07-20, 10:10
I know it's hard to believe, but it's just your anxiety.

03-07-20, 10:12
Hi blueiris
That's what I'm trying to tell myself, but I've read it can be related to mnd and thats worrying
I am trying to control my breathing but nothing is helping.
Thanks for replying.

03-07-20, 10:16
I'm sorry you're having such an awful time. Keep at the breathing exercises, they can take forever to work when you're already panicked.

Feel free to drop me a message if you want to chat, okay?

03-07-20, 10:20
Hi blueiris
Thanks so much. How do I message you?

03-07-20, 10:26
I'll send you one, and you can just reply :)