View Full Version : Scared of Als

02-08-20, 04:15
Have had a thumb twitch off and on for 3 weeks. I made the mistake of googling ans that was horrific. Ive tried all the stupid things to assure myself im not experiencing weakness.
What i would like some advice on... is how long should i allow a twitch to go on for before i go get it checked out?

Is this super common and i need to relax?

02-08-20, 15:02
In my opinion it is common, I get twitches regularly, they are likely from medication, I also get numbness. I would suggest that you seek the opinion of your doctor just to be on the safe side as 3 weeks seems rather excessive and no more googling for you. I would think its nothing to worry about, focus your mind on other things until you get it figured out. Cheers.