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11-08-20, 19:23
As some of you may know I am seeking a special guardianship order for my grandson, while I was aware the process would be intrusive, I was not quite prepared for the level of questions that would be levelled at me.

I feel raw, pulled apart and picked apart and that I have been through an interrogation, social worker was going through my chronological history, tried to be honest, anything that could be verified.

My early childhood, my motherís alcoholism and suicide when I was 9, how did I feel about that and can I describe my mother in 5 words.

My relationship with my father, can I describe him in 5 words. the relationship with my grandmother that took me and my brother in after my mother died, my brother dying when he was 26, the rape I went through. thought I couldn't exclude that as it is my medical history.

Seriously life is more complex than that, all to show that I am the right person for my grandson to be placed with.

He has been with us for a year and a half, no help from social services. No one else was going to be there for him.

If they tried to take him now it would be long term damage, instead we are exposed and raw for something we have been doing anyway.

I will be so glad when this is over but we only got to 2010 so round 2 has yet to come.

I am supposed to just pick up the pieces after they have dredged everything up.


11-08-20, 20:06
I'm not sure how to reply but I read this and I didn't not want to reply. So I want to send you the biggest hug right now xx

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