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fretty freda
25-10-07, 15:54
i have spoken with my boss today about returning to work part time think i am going to try and do a couple of hours next week

the problem : i am having a panic attack every time i think about it , will i cope will i seem nervous will people ask why i have been off what will i say ?, i just know as soon as i walk threw the door my legs will turn to jelly how long will it take for it to go and am i doing the right thing going back will it inprove my confidence ?

will i be able to focus on the present moment as i have spend the last 5 weeks self absorbed with my thoughts and havent seen anyone except my family please help

25-10-07, 16:01

I feel like you when i am going to try a new job, i say try beacause half the time it turns out that i can't do it because of back problems.
In the end though i always think the thought is worse than the doing!

If your legs do turn to jelly just take a few deep breaths, better still do that before you actually get there.

if you don't want to explain what has been wrong with you then when people ask why have you been off just say "i haven't been well but getting better"

Most important of all is, make sure you are ready and want to go back, don't push yourself. If you're not ready and think it will make you worse then give yourself a little more time.

sorry i haven't beem much help but i hope i've helped a little.

good luck:hugs: :hugs:

fretty freda
25-10-07, 17:26
nanny thank you for your words of encouragement much appreciated

i dont feel ready but in my mind if i am not ready now and keep putting it off i will never be ready i am just sitting at home worrying about it :shrug:

26-10-07, 03:08
Hi gill,
Often the longer we stay away "thinking" without any support to get better, the harder it becomes to confront and overcome our fear. I feel you'll be doing the right thing in giving it a go but remember this- Don't beat yourself up if you find it's too soon. It'll just mean you need more time or perhaps the job isn't right for you.

Don't worry about what people think or what they might ask. It's your business. If they ask how you are, just say you feel fine even if you don't. They won't notice.

You may find that you'll fit straight back in once you get going. Go in with a positive attitude telling yourself eveverything Will be fine. Don't even think about having any panics and the "what ifs". If you manage that and concentrate on the work in hand, the panics won't happen!

See how you go and take a small step at a time. Remember that everyone here will be thinking of you and supporting you!:hugs:

26-10-07, 09:49
:hugs: Hi Gill,

I had a 'phased' return like you last year and can sympathise with everything you are saying. I found that people were really supportive and went out of the way to be helpful. You dont need to tell anyone why you have been off unless you want to, I chose to tell my colleagues and they were great. I had been seen by Occupational health and the doc said to me that with anxiety its better to face your fears as it desensitises you. Hope everything goes well for you. :hugs:

fretty freda
26-10-07, 10:38
Thank You Again For Your Support Much Appriciated

Keep going
26-10-07, 22:09
I think in this situation you have to think rationally, relax, be positive and only go back to work when your completely ready:D

Good luck, Stu:)

Granny Primark
28-10-07, 21:20
Dont push yourself gill.
Do things at your own pace.
Why youve been off work is nowt to do with anyone else.
Tell people who you know will support you and understand.
Loads of love and good wishes.

Take care

29-10-07, 23:54
hi,i have just returned to work after being off for 6 weeks with anxiety,i am currently on 20 mgs of citalopram,and find this has given me the strength to go back to work at last,the elation i felt after having done my first shift was fantastic,i coped and coped well,work now holds no fear for me,in fact i look foreward to it.i too was worried about returning to work,but luckily for me no problems,hope you have the same positive outcome.

30-10-07, 12:00
Try doing yourself a list of coping strategies, i.e. write down what you are most concerned about, then next to each "concern" try to work out a way that will work for you in dealing with it.

People asking why you've been off (for so long?)
I haven't been too good but I am doing much better now (positive affirmation)

What was wrong with you?
I had a few neurological problems (well so you did lol, hopefully they won't ask further)

Can I still do my job?
I did it before without any problems, nothing has changed my ability and I am strong enough to tackle it.

Etc. Etc. I am sure you get the idea, make sure you are as positive as you can be :o I feel sure the first step will be the worst, but once inside you will probably find your fears just melt away as the familiarity of the people and the job just click back into place.

Good Luck.

13-11-07, 19:37
Sometimes having someone at work who knows what's been going on with you will help a great deal. You don't have to go into details. But you can make up any excuse you like, some people probably won't ask out of fear that it may seem rude to ask. But if they do, they won't mind at all if you don't explain yourself to them.

Just think.. you've been to work before and been fine, so it's a proven fact you are able to do it again. It's just a normal day at work.

I wish you good luck for your first day back, I'm sure you'll do fine.

Buy some rescue remedy too. It's quick and sneaky. Either in a glass of water or the spray. No one will ever know :)

13-11-07, 22:24
Hi Gill,
Don't forget to remind yourself what a great job you've done in being able to make this decision:)
You're doing the right thing by going back as gradually as possible instead of trying to dive in full time, and your employer sounds like a good, supportive one, to arrange this for you. It's best to congratulate yourself on how far you've come, and don't think it's a bad thing if you do need to sit somewhere quiet from time to time, or take things slowly.
I told my colleagues when I went back to work and they were all very supportive. In fact, it turned out that at least half of them of them had sufferred serious anxiety before too.
As for the panic attacks you've been having when you think about work, part of it could be anticipation or even excitement rolled up in with your anxiety!
Hope it goes well,

fretty freda
04-01-08, 22:17
i have been back at work a little while now and things seem ok

thank you all for your support

i did have a rough time over christmas as my mum was ill and in hospital she gave me a fright ! my anxiety was sky high

when someone you love gets ill it puts everything into perspective the little problems in life just dont matter any more !

i am very close to my mum and i am so glad she is on the mend i pray to god she continues to be well xxx