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07-09-20, 15:35
Hi everyone!

Iíve got an gastroscopy booked in October, and Iím wondering whether I should opt for the sedation or not.

If youíve had the procedure, did you get the sedation? Iím in the uk so understand we have the option. On one hand I want to be in and out as quickly as I can, but on the other I know Iíll be feeling extremely anxious when waiting for it to be done and probably during it too.

Iíve also read on here that people called up to ask to be seen first so they didnít have to wait. Has anyone done that recently?

07-09-20, 17:30
I’ve got an gastroscopy booked in October, and I’m wondering whether I should opt for the sedation or not.

Any test I ever had where sedation was offered, I didn't refuse. Why turn down a good buzz? :winks:

True story... When I had my stents put in, I was sedated pretty heavily. I recall little bits of being in recovery but I don't recall repeatedly grabbing my wife's butt and saying "My tushie" :roflmao:Apparently I let the doctors and nurses know it too!

Positive thoughts

08-09-20, 17:44
I had sedation with my colonoscopy..

I literally didn't know they'd been in!

I may have nodded off too.. :sleep:

I highly recommend sedation.:yesyes:

08-09-20, 19:55
I didnít have sedation with my endoscopy. It was ok, not very pleasant but the whole thing was over quickly because of it. The spray at the back of my throat was the worst, but I believe you get that just before sedation too. Just to warn you, it numbs you and youíll feel like you canít swallow. You can, you just need to take a few deep breaths and let them look after you.

My appt was at 2pm. I didnít realise that that was the beginning of the afternoon session. I got there just after 2 and was last on the list, I didnít get out until nearly 6pm.

Good luck! Youíll be fine with whichever option you choose.

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11-09-20, 09:23
Thanks everyone - I gave them a call to find out more and turns out this is just the first appointment to discuss my symptoms not to have the procedure. My doctor suggested it would be the procedure which is why I thought that. So hopefully will have the procedure in a few months!

16-10-20, 12:44
How did it go ? Have you had endoscopy yet?

29-12-20, 19:34
Sorry Molly Iíve only just seen this - the appointment went well and it wasnít the procedure like I thought. Iím pregnant so they didnít want to do anything invasive until Iíve had the baby but did say the acid could get worse during pregnancy but I donít think it has so far 🤞🏻