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25-09-20, 20:36
Did anyone have dizziness after pregnancy? Iíve had a CT three weeks postpartum, it was clear. I have been to my primary. Iíve had my legs scanned for clots, Iíve had blood work itís all good, heart labs, thyroid, etc. although my iron is low itís not terribly low and Iím using iron per my doctor. I came off recently thinking it was causing it, but itís still happening. I stopped drinking coffee both decaf and regular thinking that was causing it. I have been to the ENT and he checked my ears with a microscope said it looks good. My blood pressure is good. Iím at a loss. Is this really anxiety? How do I cure this? I see a counselor weekly since my baby was 2 weeks old. Heís four months now. Iíve seen her for /.5 years, but increased the frequency since his birth. We do EFT tapping. Itís not all day, itís just for a second or two, but itís at least a few times a day and happens a few days a week. It doesnít happen just upon getting up. Truthfully it happens when itís loud in my house, my kids are crying or Iím at my parents/someone is at my house (bc of Covid) that makes me think anxiety, but how do I shut it down? Also Iím nervous to overlook something terrible which just makes it worse. Help me please.