View Full Version : Right Arm - Right Foot Feels Fatigued

29-10-20, 23:47

I've been a long time lurker on this site. Probably for the better half of two years. Most recently, I'd say about just over a month ago I've started getting a weak/fatigued feeling in my right arm and right foot. It feels as if I'm leaning on my right side as I walk and sometimes causes me to go off balance (I don't fall or anything).

Think of it as a milder version of when you've slept on your arm and it feels heavy afterwards. However, it doesn't feel numb. I've had my MRI done in August (before the symptoms started) and doctor doesn't seem concerned. Aside from some non-specific "lesions" found.

I'm just looking to relate with someone and see what their journey has looked like. Just like most on this forum, I'm starting to get tired of all of this. I understand that I should listen to a medical professional and his/her advice. I just want to know if someone else has had this and "recovered".

To clarify, I know it's not ALS due to its pathological onset. However, I can't shake the fact that I have MS or that I'm slowly developing it.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

30-10-20, 07:38
I have this in my arm and the neurologist tells me it's most likely due to some minor nerve impingement on my cervical spine.

That said, I've just been told I am low on Vit B12 (and have been on the lower end of what is considered 'normal' in our area for 3 years) and while I was researching this, I found out that being deficient in B12 can cause all sorts of issues - like being off balance (another one of my symptoms) and other neurological symptoms so maybe look into your B12 levels?