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13-11-20, 02:20
Hi, I've started experiencing left shoulder jerks and am quite concerned about them. I've been under a lot of stress and anxiety lately which may account for this but I've had stress before and never noticed this.

I've recently had some small fibre neuropathy issues but am unsure if they're related. All replies gratefully received.

15-11-20, 17:42
Hi wise monkey I often get these particularly when stressed and when trying to sleep.

I can totally understand the worry Iíve been going through hell of 2 years of body wide twitching .

Iím taking regular vitamins now and finding that magnesium seems to settle me at night time

16-11-20, 07:46
Michael Jackson made a fortune out of shoulder jerks.. :yesyes:

In all honesty, stress will do this. If you tense your jaw - this affects the shoulders as well. Or you can tense your arms. Try some progressive muscle relaxation?

As Murphy suggested - magnesium can help with this - it's not called the 'calming mineral' for nothing.