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03-02-05, 21:10
Hi everyone,
have been to see a homeopathist via my g.p. She has prescribed me Arsenicum for my anxiety. Just wondered if anyone else has tried this or has any knowledge of it. Have looked it up on net but there didn't seem to be any personal stories from anyone who had tried it. Would be greatful for any information, am supposed to start taking it tomorrow.
Thanks, KT

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03-02-05, 21:52

Sorry but I have no knowledge on this, but I have friends who have used homeopathists for different ailments and swear by them.

Take care

Elaine x

03-02-05, 21:59

Sorry but I have not heard of this one. It sounds potent - arsenic!


03-02-05, 22:04
It is a fine one.. and good for fear.

I hope you're starting on a 6c gradually moving up towards a 30c. Don't expect overnight wonders . Its subtle with homeopathy.


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03-02-05, 22:11
I once went to see a homeopathist and she charged me 25 and gave me 7 tablets to take. Wouldn't say what they were but to go back the next week and for another 25 she would give me some more.

I was confused and worried so I stopped seeing her.

I do believe in it however and I take Arnica and used to take aconite for the panic.


04-02-05, 19:34
Thankyou for replying. Meg- the exact name is Arsenicum Album 30c, I was advised to take 1 a day and allow it to disolve under my tongue. I have very little knowledge of homeopathy and wondered if you knew when it starts working etc. I have not paid to see this homeopathist, she is attatched to my gp surgery. thankyou, KT

Be gentle and you will need no strength, be patient and you will achieve all things.