View Full Version : Endoscopy exam during pandemic

15-01-21, 15:32
Have any of you had any kind of intimate test like endocsopy during the pandemic ?
What kind of safety measures did they put in place ?
We were told this test would not happen until cases were down or it was over, but now the appointment has come when cases are at their highest and the hospitals are full of covid19 patients.

seriously concerned.
I'm in a high risk group and he vaccine is not available for ages.

16-01-21, 15:14
Hi there littlemisssleepy. I work at our local hospital. I hope I can help and put your mind at rest.
Out-patients do not go anywhere near the wards which have covid patients. ENDOSCOPY Is a separate area and staff are fully protected too. They do not mix in-patients with out-patients appointments. Please be free to ask me if it helps lesson your worries. 😇

18-01-21, 15:12
Thank you for replying Siggsy.
The hospital rang this morning to confirm it is not safe at the moment to do the test as it is not in a mobile unit away from the main hosp. buildings.
Lots of ppl have been contacted by mistake.
I believe it is different if you do not require sedation.