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07-02-05, 18:00
A forum member came up with this great idea and I am sure it can work out well.

If you have any books on Panic, Anxiety, Phobias, OCD etc and have already read them then you may consider loaning it to another member to read.

Are you looking for a particular book to read? Perhaps someone has a copy they can loan you.

The basic idea is that you post what you are looking for or what books you have to loan out. You can decide whether you want to swap the book for a different one or you are simply prepared to loan the book out for a while on the understanding that you get it back.

I am sure it will work well as long as people trust each other and are perpared to pay the costs of sending the book on.

Happy swapping and reading :)


07-02-05, 19:45

Could you move my post about the books I'm looking for, to this topic/area please?
If you can't I'll just cut and paste it. :)



07-02-05, 20:15
Blue it will be easier if you copy and paste cos I can't move just parts of a topic just the whole thing.



08-02-05, 08:44
No problem Nicola. :)

I was wondering if anyone had a copy of The Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon that they have read?
I have a new copy of Depression: The Way Out of Your Prison by Dorothy Rowe that I would be interested in swapping. I read it in a few days, so it is like new.

I'm also looking for Overcoming Depression by Paul Gilbert.



03-03-05, 00:42
Sounds like a great idea Nic

Ive got a book if anyone is interested in borrowing When Panic Attacks by Aine Tubridy has a cd with it aswell.

Lots of Love Sal xxxxx

24-04-05, 14:06
i would like to borrow a book or two but not sure what lol... typical me indecisive but would be grateful if anyone could recommend some good ones...
i have anxiety... panic and ocd....
i would be interested in reading anything that would help...
and i would always return the books as soon as i have read them...
also would anyone be willing to lend me a relaxation tape/cd ... i know this sounds really tight of me but i dont want to buy one if i dont get on with useing it... either that or a good recomendation ...

04-08-05, 14:43
If anyone is interested I have 1 or 2 books and a tape that I would be willing to send to anyone that thinks they might help them.
Send me a PM with their address and I will post on which you want.

Jenny xx

J. Farmer

24-08-05, 17:37
HI guys I've got this book on Generalized Anxiety Disorder:


It's got more of a textbook feel rather than self help but it does give a very good overview of the subject.

What I'd really like in return is a good relaxation CD (CD rather than tape so I can put it on my ipod).

If you fancy doing a short term or permanent swap MP me.

P xx

03-09-07, 22:18
I am looking for the book called "The Unquiet Mind"


04-07-08, 06:43
what is post on main fourm

04-07-08, 17:13
I removed the main forum about this in the end as I loaned some books out and never got them back so decided it wasn't working very well!

pink daisy
04-07-08, 17:29
aww thats pants :mad:

please return xx

04-07-08, 17:31
It was a long time ago now Pink - I did chase many times but never got a result!

Shame cos I had a good collection of panic books. Oh well - we live and learn!