View Full Version : sertraline and quiet life tablets

05-11-07, 20:25
hi all,
does anyone know if/ or have you can take quiet life tablets while on sertraline. my doctors making me come off mine slowly as he thinks they are making my anxiety worse, but i did take these in the early days and they were quite effective. also has anyone taken st johns wort and preffered them to anti depressants.

thanks for reading all my questions:yesyes:


20-01-09, 13:05
Hi clare please dont think of taking st johns wort with seritalin they both produce seratonin in the brain and can cause seratonin syndrome,
Try quiet life they calm you down and are safe to take with your meds
Good luck coming off yours i came off them in november weaned off them very slowly. had wicked withdrawals, went back on them this morning . so all the luck in the world hope you make it