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06-11-07, 17:29

Thank goodness I've found this place! I've read other posts on Citalopram withdrawal but wondered if someone could help me? I have been on 20mg for 2 years and have just spent 3 months gradually reducing the dose.

I managed to get down to 5mg every 3 days with a few hiccups - symptoms such as tiredness, achyness, panic, headaches, crying. However, 10 days ago I took my final 5mg and the past 4 days have been awful. I can't pull myself out of a really black, down mood - keep crying and had to come home from work early today as I couldn't function.

Thankfully the reason for my original depression is gone and my life has turned around. I'm so scared at these withdrawal symptoms. Can anyone tell me how long they might go on for? I really, really don't want to go back up a dose as I think after 10 days hopefully I am almost over them.

Please let me know what you think?


06-11-07, 19:36
I would speak to your doctor, I came off citalopram and went back into depression myself.

07-11-07, 11:22
hi kirstie

i really sympathise with what you are going through. i was on lustral for 4 years and came off slowly from may to october this year. i did pull myself through 2 set backs on my own whilst cutting down the dose and so thought i would be able to come off completely with no probs. i was on holiday when my panic/anxiety came back full force. looking back - i had been under a lot of stress when coming off the tablets. i tried to cope for 2 weeks but felt so awful i went back to my gp who has started me on citalopram.

don't beat yourself up if you have to go back on the tablets - this is what i did - thinking i was a failure etc.

are you still under a lot of stress in your life? the other times i have come off a'd's i have not had any problems whatsoever - i literally came off them within a week - however - 4 or 5 months down the line i found i needed them again. i am now realising that the way i live my life generally has a lot to do with my anxiety - i literally run on adrenaline all the time - even when i feel well so it does not take a lot of stress to tip me over the edge! you might be like me - never take time to relax etc which i am now addressing.

i think citalopram is out of your system in about 7-8 days so i would have thought you have experienced the worst but like clive says - it might be worth talking to your gp.

hope you feel better soon. jo x

07-11-07, 16:36
Me to I came off for 3 months and became really depressed.Im back on now and have been for over a year.:mad:

07-11-07, 16:49
Hi Kirstie,

I have just come off of citalopram and my emotions were all over the place for a few weeks, I do think the meds supress our feelings so when we come off of them everything hits in one go.

Try to keep your spirits up by doing things you enjoy and making some time for yourself, until your emotions calm themselves back down.

My mood was really awful I was snappy, tearful and just wanted to be on my own, which is very inlike me as im always laughing and joking and very laid back, but thats finally lifting now and im back to smiling and laughing again.

Take care

Trac xxxx

08-11-07, 11:34
Thanks for all your replies. I have started to feel a bit better - not quite myself laughing and joking etc - but not crying and at least able to hold conversations with people. I'm starting to look forward to things that I should be looking forward to and feeling more positive. I'm hoping that these are all signs of the meds getting out of my system and the 'real me' coming back slowly... :shrug:

There was a very specific trigger for the original depression and my life has completely changed for the better now. I have lots to be happy and excited about so I'm hoping this is the start of a no-meds life. Wish me luck!!


08-11-07, 11:42
Good luck 2 u. Sometimes it is just tough and u have to get through the withdrawal symptoms and see if u feel better the otherside. I was physically sick for 4 days (with a different drug - cymbalta) and then felt sick for another 3 weeks but I just told myself that it would pass - oh and i felt low, low, low for about a week now I am just me!