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08-02-21, 12:58
So I had an EMG done on my left extremity. They did my hand, entire arm, shoulder, a spot on my neck and an area on my back, left side.. they did the EMG because I had been having aches and weakness in that arm (not clinical weakness just what I felt was fatigued probably from carrying my son and it showed cubital tunnel on the EMG only). I also started having twitching everywhere recently... that arm, that hand, stomach, rib, legs, knees, feet, you name it. I had mentioned in a post of mine before that I legit donít know if Iíve always had twitches and never paid attention or if they are new for me. (Besides the eye and butt I remember those lol)

So my concern is this. They did the EMG on my arm and I do have twitching there... but they didnít do it anywhere else and I have some consistency with twitches in my legs and feet in a couple spots but mainly next to my knee. Should I ask for an EMG on my legs too even tho my arm came back clean? I donít know how it works so I donít know if since my arm was clean and thereís twitches there if that means my body wide twitches would be fine too or if I should test my legs where thereís a lot of twitches happening?? Anyone have advice on what I should do?

Can anxiety cause this many consistent twitches? Or caffeine? I donít know what to do.

08-02-21, 13:39
You had the test. You don't have anything going on but you obviously have anxiety and twitches are a very common symptom. It's your money but I personally wouldn't pursue a diagnosis that will never come.

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